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Yemeni Forces Seize Several Military Bases in S. Arabia’s Asir Province

(Fars News Agency) ~ The Yemeni army, backed by popular forces, took control of several military bases in Saudi Arabia’s Asir province.

The military bases which are located in the Western part of al-Rabou’a city were taken after intense clashes between the Yemeni and Saudi forces.

The images released after the operation showed the Saudi military men leaving their armored vehicles and fleeing the battlefield.

Also, the artillery units of the Yemeni army targeted the gathering centers of Saudi-affiliated militia at Koufel military base in Ma’rib which killed and wounded tens of them.

On Friday, Yemen’s long-range home-made missile dubbed as Borkan-1 (Volcano-1) hit deep inside Saudi Arabia in response to the kingdom’s massacre of civilians in the impoverished nation.

Borkan-1 has a range of 800 kilometers and is a new generation of Yemen’s domestically-made missiles, Yemen’s Defense Ministry announced in a statement on Friday.

The Yemeni defense ministry did not mention the exact location of the targets that Borkan-1 missile has hit.

It, however, said that the warhead of Barkan-1 missile has been designed to destroy the Saudi military base structure with respect to the materials used in their construction.

On Wednesday, the Yemeni army and popular forces hit the Saudi military positions in the kingdom’s Najran province with a Zalzal-3 ballistic missile in retaliation for the Saudi airstrikes on residential areas across Yemen.

The Yemeni missile attack inflicted heavy losses on the Saudi troops in Najran province.


Yemen Missiles Hit Key Airport, Facilities of Saudi Oil Giant Aramco Again in Response to Airstrikes

(Fars News Agency) ~ Yemeni forces fired ballistic missiles at the facilities of the Saudi state oil giant, Aramco, in the kingdom’s Southwest and Abha airport in Assir province in a retaliatory attack launched after Saudi fighter jets targeted civilians.

The retaliatory attack took place on Tuesday morning, hitting targets in Saudi Arabia’s Jizan region and causing considerable damage to the Aramco facilities there, the Arabic-language news website Al Masirah reported.

A Qaher-I missile also hit the Saudi military positions at Abha airport in Assir province.

The Saudi military has been pounding Yemen since March last year to undermine Yemen’s Ansarullah movement and to restore power to the former president, Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, a staunch ally of Riyadh.

Nearly 10,000 people, most of them civilians, have been killed in Riyadh’s military aggression which lacks any international mandate.

Earlier on Friday, Saudi fighters struck residential areas in the Baqim district of the northwestern Yemen province of Sa’ada, killing 11 people.

A day earlier, the fighters had hit a bazaar in the district, killing seven people and injuring 10 others, many of whom are in critical condition.

On Thursday, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Zeid al-Hussein said the Saudi military was using cluster bombs against residential areas in Yemen in violation of international law, blaming the Riyadh regime for most of the civilian casualties in its impoverished Southern neighbor.

صورة من الارشيف

Yémen: l’armée menace les pays de la coalition par les missiles Borkane 2 et 3

(al-Manar, 5 septembre 2016) ~ Le porte-parole adjoint de l’armée yéménite le général Aziz Rached a révélé que son pays détient outre le missile Borkane 1, d’une portée de 800 Km, des missiles Borkane 2 et 3.

Et d’expliquer: ceci implique que tous les pays participant à l’agression contre le Yémen sont désormais dans la ligne de mire des missiles yéménites.

Un missile balistique de type Borkane 1 (Volcan) a été lancé vendredi par les forces yéménites contre la base du roi Fahd, dans la région saoudienne de Taef, à 35 Km du Yémen.


Recrutement des miliciens issus du sud

Et puis dans une tentative de réduire les pertes dans ses rangs, la coalition saoudienne œuvre pour le recrutement des miliciens yéménites du sud du pays et leur transfert vers ses bases frontalières via le port d’Aden.

Rappelons que l’armée saoudienne a été frappée de plein fouet suite aux opérations yéménites qui ont abouti à la conquête de plusieurs bases saoudiennes dans les régions de Najrane, Assir et Jizane (sud de l’Arabie).

Entre-temps, l’armée yéménite a annoncé ce lundi que ses snipers ont tué deux soldats saoudiens dans une base à Assir.

قنص جنديين سعوديين ودك مواقع لللعدوان بعسير وجيزان

Frappes saoudiennes

Par ailleurs, l’aviation de la coalition saoudo-US a poursuivi ses frappes contre différentes régions du pays. Deux stations de carburants ont été bombardées dans la région de Saada (nord).

Plusieurs civils ont également été blessés par les pilonnages visant le sud de la capitale Sanaa, la ville d’Omrane, la région de Taez et Hodeida.


Les pèlerins yéménites interdits du Hajj

Sur un autre plan, les autorités saoudiennes ont interdit pour la 2ème année consécutive les Yéménites d’effectuer le grand pèlerinage à La Mecque.

Un porte-parole du ministère du Waqf , Abdallah Amer, a révélé que l’Arabie n’a pas accordé de visas à 15000 pèlerins yéménites.

Yemeni forces

Fars News Agency
Fars News Agency
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