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(Damascus, SANA) ~ Foreign and Expatriate Ministry affirmed on Thursday that the government of Syrian Arab republic denies the use of toxic gases by any Syrian official side in al-Sukari neighborhood in Aleppo city on Wednesday, saying that the real criminal in all cases in which gases were used was armed terrorist groups who carry out the instructions of their masters in order to defame the achievements of the Syrian Arab Army.

“The terrorist groups and their masters of the western and Gulf states, intelligence and media agencies got used to circulate propaganda against the Syrian Arab Republic through fabricating baseless accusations of using toxic chemical materials, like chlorine gas and others in many areas of the Syrian Arab Republic”, the foreign ministry said in a statement.

It added that following to every crime committed by those groups and their supporters, particularly the Western countries, by using poisonous gases, like the case in Khan al-Asal in 2013, those organizations and sides commit another crime, as what happened in al- Ghouta in Damascus Countryside in 2013, as well their use of the toxic gases in al-Sukari neighborhood in Aleppo city on Wednesday Sep 7th ,2016 to cover the use of chemicals in al-Awameed area in Aleppo city on August 2, 2016, aiming at misleading the international inquiry sides and turning their attention from the real criminals.

“The Government of the Syrian Arab Republic immediately contacted Health Directorate in Aleppo which confirmed that it didn’t receive any medical emergency case in the hospitals due to injuries caused by toxic, poisonous chemicals”, the Foreign Ministry said.

“Syria affirms its conviction that the use of chemical weapons by anyone at any place and under any circumstance is unacceptable”, the statement said.

It added that the Syrian Arab Republic, while condemning the use of the toxic gases against the Syrian people by the terrorist groups and their masters which claimed the lives of innocent civilians, it reiterates its readiness to cooperate with the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and its delegation which is present now in Syria to investigate into these crimes and others.

Syria also calls on hostile sides to stop doing mean practices and take all measures to unveil those who are responsible for them as the main victim of such practices is the Syrian people and civilians.



Several Civilians Killed
in Terrorists’ Chemical Attack in Aleppo

(FNA, 8 Apr 2016) ~ The terrorist groups launched a chemical attack on one of the neighborhoods of the Northern city of Aleppo, leaving several civilians dead and several more wounded.

Aleppo’s Sheikh Maqsoud, controlled by the pro-government forces of the Kurdish “People’s Protection Units” (YPG), came under the terrorists’ artillery shelling of chemical gas.

The mortal shells were reportedly fired from the terrorist-held neighboring districts upon Sheikh Maqsoud.

A video has surfaced from the Sheikh Maqsood district, showing how several men were suffering from breathing difficulties due to the chemical attack.

Furthermore, the camera man said the entire area was under chemical attack. He said 9 civilians were killed and 29 injured due to the attack.

Field sources said on Thursday that a large number of fresh forces arrived in Southern Aleppo and joined the pro-government forces for imminent military operation against Takfiri terrorists.

Reports said that thousands of Syrian army, popular forces and Hezbollah brigades along with hundreds of Iranian and Russian advisors had arrived in Aleppo province to start a massive operation to recapture the provincial capital city.

The Syrian army, National Defense Forces (NDF) and Hezbollah sent a large number of soldiers along with Russian and Iranian military advisors to the Southern Aleppo front to begin a large-scale military operation to push the Takfiri terrorists back from the remaining villages under ISIL’s control.

Meantime, Aleppo’s joint operations room in a statement asked the people to leave the regions where terrorists were present because fierce clashes would take place in the coming hours.


SANA, Qabas/Mazen
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