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A Syrian military source announced on Thursday establishing full control over al-Ramouseh area to the south of Aleppo after eliminating the remaining hotbeds of Jaish al-Fateh terrorists there.
Syrian Arab Army units hunted the remnants of terrorists who fled away towards the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo at a time when the engineering units began dismantling the explosive devices and bombs that were planted earlier by terrorist organizations in the streets and buildings of al-Ramouseh neighborhood.
Syrian Arab Army units, in cooperation with the allied forces, carried out intensive operations during the past hours against the hotbeds of terrorist organizations in al-Ramouseh to the south of Aleppo which resulted in establishing control over the gas factory, the tanneries, the slaughterhouse, the Post’s building and the military checkpoint site in the area, leaving many terrorists dead, in addition to destroying a number of mortar positions, heavy machine guns and a cannon for them.