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Seven persons were killed and two others were injured due to terrorist attack with varied types of shells on al-Jora and al-Qossor neighborhoods in Deir Ezzor city.

(SANA, 15/9/2016) ~ Reporter on the battlefield said that ISIS terrorists targeted the neighborhoods of al-Jora and al-Qossor with a number of shells, claiming the lives of seven persons and injuring two others.

The attack also caused significant material damage to citizens’ houses and properties.

In Idleb, a child was injured as the armed groups opened sniper fire towards the besieged town of al-Foua, in the northern countryside of Idleb province, in another breach of the truce regime.

Local sources said that the armed terrorist groups that hole up in Binnish town targeted with sniper fire citizens’ houses in al-Foua town, casuing the injury of 7-year-old child.

In Quneitra, terrorists positioned in Jubata al-Khasahb fired three rocket shells on Haddar town in the northern countryside of Quneitra.

A reporter from the battlefield in the province said that the attack caused material damage to citizens’ properties.

The truce regime is applied across Syria for seven days as of 19:00 on September 12th 2016 and until 23:59 on September 18th. The army reserves the right to respond decisively using all types of firepower to any breach by armed groups.


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By SANA reporters Manar /R. Raslan / Ghossoun
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