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After the U.S. government suspended cooperation with Russia in Syria earlier this week, military action by the White House against Damascus was back on the table.

Syrian journalist and political analyst Kevork Almassian told Radio Sputnik’s Brian Becker that a US announcement that it would halt coordination with Russia is “misleading,” as there was no genuine cooperation in the first place, given the parties’ contradicting approaches to ending the Syrian civil war.

According to Almassian, Washington was likely not interested in preventing violence in Aleppo, as it is satisfied with the status quo and supports the al-Nusra Front — an al-Qaeda-linked violent jihadist group —  while the Russians and Syrians are determined to liberate the city at any cost.

“The Americans were forced, I believe, to halt this cooperation because they feel that they are embarrassed in front of their allies at least in the Middle East, and they’re also embarrassed that their strategy is not working in Syria,” Almassian said during the Loud & Clear broadcast.

Political writer Diana Johnstone, participating in the program, agreed with Almassian, saying that the US has all along had the single objective of eliminating the independent Arab nationalist government in Syria and putting a US-controlled puppet in its in place.

That plan, she said, has failed, and now the new strategy is “simply to destroy Syria.” Keeping the war going is in the interests of the US and its allies in the region, namely Israel and Saudi Arabia, she said.

“These powers have joined together to destroy the legitimate state of Syria, and that’s what this is all about,” Johnstone told Radio Sputnik.

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Deliberation by the Obama administration to begin a direct bombing campaign against the Syrian Army is a consequence of losing the proxy war in Syria, according to Almassian.

The US President, however, is not likely to take such drastic measures, he believes, especially when acknowledging how the balance of power on the ground has shifted toward the interests of the Syrian Army, supported by Russia.

“This is all a media talk at the moment,” he said, “If the Americans bomb Syria, I think it will be a World War. I mean, this is not an exaggeration,” he warned, explaining that a direct intervention would result in unpleasant consequences.

Johnstone, meanwhile, was less optimistic.

“The United States has already bombed Syrian soldiers, killing over 60 and wounding a hundred, and saying, ‘Oh dear me, we didn’t know we were doing that,’ which I don’t think any sane person can believe for a minute,” she said.

“The US doesn’t want to send in foot soldiers, that’s the policy now, the United States wants to wreck the rest of the world from a safe distance.”

If the US carries out the bombing, the possibility of an even wider conflagration, with the Russians against the Americans on one side, and the Saudis against Iran on the other, is very high, Almassian suggested.


UNSC blocks Russia’s resolution
demanding peace in Aleppo

A Russian draft resolution calling for an immediate stop of violence in the war ravaged Aleppo has not been adopted by the UN Security Council on Saturday, having failed to obtain the required number of votes. The vote was four in favour, nine against with two abstentions.


S-300 and S-400 air defenses in place, ready to hit any unidentified object: Russian Russia’s Defense Ministry warns U.S.-led coalition not to strike Syrian Arab Army


Russia’s Defense Ministry has cautioned the U.S.-led coalition of carrying out airstrikes on Syrian army positions, adding in Syria there are numerous S-300 and S-400 air defense systems up and running.

Russia currently has S-400 and S-300 air-defense systems deployed to protect its troops stationed at the Tartus naval supply base and the Khmeimim airbase.

The radius of the weapons reach may be “a surprise” to all unidentified flying objects, Russian Defense Ministry spokesperson General Igor Konashenkov said.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, any airstrike or missile hitting targets in territory controlled by the Syrian government would put Russian personnel in danger.

“Therefore, any missile or air strikes on the territory controlled by the Syrian government will create a clear threat to Russian servicemen.”

“Russian air defense system crews are unlikely to have time to determine in a ‘straight line’ the exact flight paths of missiles and then who the warheads belong to. And all the illusions of amateurs about the existence of ‘invisible’ jets will face a disappointing reality,” Konashenkov added… … …Continue reading →


US Discussions on Military Option in Syria Continue
Despite Russia’s Warning – State Dept.


The United States is still considering military options in Syria despite Russia’s warning against such actions, US Department of State spokesperson John Kirby said in a briefing on Thursday.

“I have seen the comments out of Moscow — those comments notwithstanding, that conversation inside the US government continues,” Kirby stated when asked about US discussions on military options. Earlier, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov warned the US-led coalition against attacking Syria’s army.

Last week, media reports claimed that US officials were contemplating the possibility of US airstrikes on Syrian military air bases and boosting support for the opposition.

When pressed on how the United States perceived Konashenkov’s comments, Kirby claimed that the warning against US kinetic activity in Syria was not “helpful” to resolving the situation in Syria.

Kirby added that nobody within the US government wants to see tensions escalate between Moscow and Washington.

Russia has deployed S-300 and S-400 air defense systems to Syria to protect the Hmeimim and Tartus military bases, according to the Russian Defense Ministry.


US Military Builds a New Air Base in Northern Syria


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