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~ #When in August 2014, Daesh (ISIS) jihadist-mercenaries invaded regions near Mount Sinjar in Iraq, the terrorist gang members killed and abducted thousands of local Yazidi people, mostly of them women, girls and children, who they sold openly at slave markets.
~ #This documentary is the terrifying and creepy report of some of these histories of suffering, narrated by some girls escaped from captivity and out of the hands of the Daesh’s pedophiles [criminal perverts at the CIA and Mossad service].
~ #Today no one talks about these stories, and none of the Western powers [saddened because of the sufferings endured by their mercenary-terrorists in Syria, defeated and wiped out by the Syrian and Russian Armed Forces] lifts a finger to free the remaining over 3,000 Yazidi girls that still are in the dirty hands of the jihadists sex maniacs.
~ #Syrian and #Russian Armed Forces fought successfully jihadist terrorism, and that is what worries the NATO Zionist puppets, which is why they need to stop Putin and al-Assad with a media propaganda campaign of lies generously disseminated: because Moscow and Damascus are eliminating, one by one, all the Obama’s cannibals and mercenary cutthroats, murderers of the Syrian and Iraqi people…to the American and European taxpayers’ expense…