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An artistic piece of exquisite value, one of a kind and innovative. ~#~ This video was an initiative taken by the artists (without the President’s knowledge) to immortalize President Rouhani’s emotional speech, where he expresses hope for peace, friendship and progress. ~#~ Only at the later stages was the video shown to President Rouhani. ~#~ This melodic piece is the first time ever for a chorus to sing along with a formal speech by a prominent Shia cleric and high ranking Iranian politician. ~#~ Featuring musical instruments on video and singing by women are prohibited by Iran’s state television. ~#~ The fact that President Rouhani’s personal website decided to feature this video was a great and notable step to break this taboo and support Iranian artists. ~#~ To pay tribute and celebrate Iranians from all backgrounds, parts of the video are in Kurdish, Balochi, Azeri and Arabic.
(by President Rouhani website ~ thanks to Gravel Kucinich Paul Nader)