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The Syrian government troops jointly with people’s militias have retaken the Al-Assad district of western Aleppo which was taken over by terrorists in late October, a source in the Lebanese Hezbollah movement told RIA Novosti.

Hezbollah and local militias took part in the offensive to recapture the village of Minyan which is located next to Al-Assad in late October.

“The army and militias have kicked the terrorists out of the Al-Assad district,” the source said, adding that the militants could mine some houses and streets when retreating.

Hezbollah has been fighting with terrorist groups from the very beginning of the Syrian crisis.

The movement leaders have repeatedly expressed their support to the legitimate Syrian government in battle against radicals.

In particular Hezbollah members actively took part in protecting the Lebanese-Syrian throughout the armed conflict.

On October 28, armed radical factions led by al-Nusra militant group attempted to break the siege of the eastern Aleppo that had been encircled by government forces.

In the course of the offensive, terrorists managed to capture most of the Al-Assad district and advance toward a military academy of the same name located nearby. The Syrian army and militia repelled the attack on the academy.

This week Syrian troops supported by national militias have regained control of the “1070”district and other strategic positions in the city. During the first days of intense fights, over 500 terrorists were liquidated, the source said.

Sputnik News 12/11/2016
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