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There’s a crusade against “fake news”! So you’re saying that a bunch of Macedonian kids screwed millions of Americans over and got Trump elected? A bunch of Macedonian kids versus the enormous mainstream media machine – those six giants that control 90 percent of American media –almost 100 percent of them behind Hillary Clinton. Oh no, you don’t make up news intentionally, CNN didn’t interview their Super-Hillary-Fan cameraman intentionally and Fox’s fake “former CIA operative” was just an honest mistake, fine. But misleading, misinforming, pulling out of context and propagating war – that’s your intention for sure: Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. American mainstream media, Bravo! You did brilliant job convincing American to go there, to kill and to die under false pretext. But lessons aren’t learnt – Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, ISIS, terrorists – or what do you call them – “moderate rebels”? But what you do is way more dangerous, your “real news” start wars, kill and displace millions and destroy entire regions. So f*ck fake news – most can see that coming… it’s the real news that needs a check.

“Forget the Press, READ THE INTERNET” [Donald Trump]