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Russia will soon deploy mobile hospitals to Aleppo region to provide treatment to residents, according to the Kremlin.
The medical personnel arrived at the airport late Tuesday, where the loading of the hospital’s equipment on planes has begun.
It comes as the Russian military announced a breakthrough in Syria’s operation to retake the mercenary-terrorists held part of Aleppo.
Tens of thousands of civilians, who were previously kept by armed groups as human shields, are now in the government-controlled part of the city and require supplies and medical attention.


Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov announced on Tuesday that Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered the Ministries of Defense and Emergency Situations to send mobile hospitals to provide medical assistance to residents of Aleppo and residential areas near it.

Peskov told reporters in Moscow that President Putin has ordered to provide mobile hospitals and to transport them to Syria in order to provide full medical assistance to all needy residents of Aleppo as soon as possible.

He added that this task should be implemented as soon as possible, pointing out that the Russian Defense Ministry will send a specialized medical team along with multidisciplinary hospitals with a capacity of up to 100 beds and equipment for treating children, and with the ability to serve about 420 patients per day.

Peskov added that the Emergency Situations Ministry will also deploy a 50-bed mobile hospital that is capable of treating 200 patients each day.

For his part, a source at Emergency Situations Ministry said it will dispatch an airmobile hospital and doctors from its Tsentrospas rescue team to provide medical assistance to residents of Aleppo and nearby areas on November 30th, adding that it will be deployed in the vicinity of Aleppo to provide highly-qualified, high-tech medical assistance to residents.

Earlier today, Peskov affirmed that Russia is exchanging opinions on the situation in Aleppo mainly with Syria’s legitimate authorities.

“As regards Aleppo, certainly there is an exchange of views via different channels, but mainly the discussion is being held with the legitimate Syrian authorities,” Peskov told reporters when asked whether discussions were held with the Western partners on the development of the situation in Aleppo.

Peskov pointed out that the Kremlin continues to work with the US President Barack Obama’s administration and that he did not establish any contact with the team of US President-elect Donald Trump on Syria yet, and it does not have any plans in this regard now, explaining that Trump hasn’t yet formed his team and anyway the Obama as is still the current peer-President of Vladimir Putin.

He added that President Putin and US President-elect Trump share the outlines of their foreign policy approaches despite differences on details.


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