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In a short video broadcast on Syrian TV, President al-Assad declared that the liberation of Aleppo is akin to “the rewriting of history.” He added that these latest developments will not only shape the future of Syria and the region, but will also have an equally profound effect on the international community.

H.E. Bashar Hafez al-Assad, President of Syria (from Arabic): “Age and history are connected, but people don’t find age memorable. They remember history. ~ An era is transformed into history when the world’s greatest events decide to change an era into a historical event. ~ We tend to say ‘before the birth of Christ’ and ‘after the birth of Christ’. ~ We say ‘before Prophet Muhammad’s revelations’ and ‘after Prophet Muhammad’s revelations’ because history is not the same before and after. ~ We say ‘the political scene before the fall of the USSR’ and ‘after the fall of the USSR’, or ‘between the two World Wards’ and so on. ~ I think, after the liberation of Aleppo, we will say that the situation, not just on the Syrian or regional level, but also internationally, has changed forever. ~ This is a turning point in history. ~ Aleppo and its citizens as well as the Arab Syrian Army, with its effort, bravery and sacrifice. ~ Every Syrian citizen who stood by Aleppo and the nation against the war. ~ This is history being written right now. This is greater than any congratulations. Everybody is congratulating everybody. ~ All social media websites are expressing people’s congratulations. ~ But we are not going to repeat this word. ~ We affirm that what is happening today is that history is being written by every Syrian citizen. ~ This didn’t start today, but about six years ago, when the crisis and war on Syria first began”.