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(Damascus, 16 December 2016) ~ Terrorists detonated an explosive device remotely on Friday in al-Midan Police Station in Damascus, injuring one of the station’s personnel.

A source at Damascus Police Command stated that “terrorists take advantage of an eight-year-old girl, made her carry a small explosive device and told her to enter al-Midan Police Station as a lost girl”.

“Moments after she entered the station, they detonated the device remotely, causing the death of the girl and the slight injury of one of the station’s personnel”, the source added.

The chief of the Police Station, Brig. Gen. Basman Zeidan, said that the attack caused minor injuries to one policeman and material damage to the 2nd floor’s offices and bathroom, adding that the exploitation of innocent children by terrorists to carry out their terrorist agendas shows how barbaric they and their Takfiri mentality are.

Syrian Agency reporters Manar al-Freih/Manal
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