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Syrian Arab Army units thwart ISIS attacks in Aleppo and Sweida

(SAA, 27/12/2016) ~ Syrian Arab Army and Armed Forces units continued carrying out counter-terrorism operations across the country on Tuesday, thwarting two attacks by ISIS terrorists in Aleppo and Sweida provinces.


A military source told SANA that an army unit thwarted an attack by terrorists from ISIS coming from Rasem al-Kama towards Nasralla village at the surrounding of the Air Force College in Aleppo countryside.

The source said that the clashes resulted in destroying three SUVs and killing a number of terrorists.

A huge quantity of weaponry seized the Syrian army
recovered from the gunmen east of Aleppo


An army unit, in cooperation with popular defense groups, thwarted an attack by a terrorist group belonging to ISIS on a military post in the northeastern countryside of Sweida province.

A military source said that an army unit clashed with an ISIS terrorist group that infiltrated from the road linking the villages of Saad and al-Qaser towards Tal Banat Baer area northeastern Sweida, with the unit foiling the attack, leaving the members of the terrorist group dead or injured, and destroying their weapons.

The source pointed out that another army unit targeted an ISIS gathering in al-Qaser village, killing many terrorists, injuring others, and destroying their weapons.


An army unit carried out concentrated operations against Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in Daraa al-Balad area in Daraa province.

A military source told SANA that the operations targeted terrorists’ fortifications and gatherings on the Tariq al-Sad, al-Tollabia Square, to the east of Popular Credit Bank, and at the surrounding of al-Naziheen Camp Park, killing many of the terrorists and injuring others.


Syrian Arab Army units target ISIS and al-Nusra terrorists in Homs and Aleppo countryside

(SAA, 26/12/2016) ~ An Army and Armed Forces unit on Monday killed more than 25 ISIS terrorists to the east of the 4th Station west of Palmyra in Homs Countryside.


The source said that this came following violent clashes with ISIS groups east of the oil-pumping station, which also resulted in injuring large numbers of terrorists and destroying their weapons and equipment.

The source added that an army unit carried out a precision strike targeting a gathering of leaders of terrorist groups affiliated to Jabhat al-Nusra in the surroundings of al-Rastan city in the province’s northern countryside, killing a number of the leaders including, one nicknamed “Abu Haidar” and Sadeq al-Yousef, and injuring others.

Weapons worth billions $$$ seized by Syrian government forces
stored by terrorists in Aleppo


Meanwhile, a unit of the army destroyed 6 vehicles for ISIS terrorists in artillery strikes against their movements and supply routes in Aleppo eastern countryside.

A military source told SANA that the army’s operation in Um al-Mara village in the surroundings of the Air Force academy in Aleppo countryside ended up with the killing of a number of terrorists.


Syrian Arab Army targets Ahrar al-Cham terrorists in Homs, killing scores of terrorists in Idleb

(SAA, 25/12/2016) ~ Army and armed forces continued on Sunday its military operations against armed terrorist organizations in in different areas across the country, inflicting heavy losses upon them.

Rose .. volunteer fighter in the Syrian army
tells tales of steadfastness and victory in Aleppo


The Syrian Army’s engineering units dismantled a vehicle rigged with over two tons of explosives left behind by terrorists in al-Sukkari neighborhood in Aleppo.

This comes two days after the army discovered warehouses containing large quantities of weapons and munitions inside schools and service institutions in al-Zibdieh neighborhood in the city.

The army’s combing operations continue in the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo city ahead of the locals’ return.

Meanwhile, the Army artillery destroyed ISIS gathering and three vehicles equipped with machineguns in Shweilekh area near the Air Force Academy in Aleppo eastern countryside.

Syrian citizen with his family in the neighborhood of Aleppo
after fleeing terrorists prisons


Army units directed intensive strikes on three sites for Jabhat al-Nusra in Maaret Masrin town and in the area surrounding Saraqib city southeast of Idleb city, according to SANA reporter.

The reporter said that due to the strikes, 11 terrorists were killed and their weaponry and ammunition were destroyed in Maaret Masrin, while 9 terrorists were killed and a number of vehicles were destroyed near Saraqib.

The reporter said that army units also destroyed gatherings and sites for the so called “al-Jabha al-Shamia” and “Ahrar al-Sham” in Idleb city and Binnish town in the northern countryside of Idleb.


Large numbers of ISIS terrorists were killed and scores of armored vehicles belonging to them were destroyed in army’s sorties against ISIS sites in the villages of Habra Sharqia, Habra Gharbiya, Rasm Hamida, Jub Habal, Abu Qatour, Unk al-Hawa, Abu Hawadid, Jub Hamad and Shrifa villages in Homs eastern countryside.

An army unit destroyed a rocket launcher, a rocket launch pad, and a 12.5mm machinegun for Ahrar al-Cham terrorists east of Talbiseh town in Homs province, killing at least 4 terrorists in the process, according to SANA’s correspondent.

Another Army unit destroyed an armored vehicle and three machinegun-equipped cars for ISIS terrorists east of the Fourth Station in Homs countryside.

SAA repels terrorist attacks on the eastern front of Homs


An army unit targeted a terrorist group in Kabani town in Kensabba area in Lattakia northern countryside. A number of terrorists were killed and a vehicle and weapons were destroyed in the operation.


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