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U.S. Coalition Has Been Destroying Syrian Infrastructure Since 2012 – [Russian M.o.D.]

SputnikNews ~ The US-led international coalition has been systematically bombing the Syrian infrastructure since 2012 and has not targeted Daesh-held oil facilities, the Russian Defense Ministry’s spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said on Wednesday.

“Outgoing CIA head Brennan is well aware of the fact that long before the start of the Russian campaign, the international coalition has been systematically destroying Syria’s economic infrastructure to weaken the legitimate government as much as possible, heedless of burdens for civilians resulting in millions of refugees,” he said.

The ministry’s statement comes after CIA chief John Brennan accused Moscow of using “scorched-earth” policy in Syria.

“Surprisingly, the coalition has not attacked oil facilities captured by Daesh, which allowed the terrorists to make tens of millions of dollars per month through illicit oil trade and recruit mercenaries from all over the world,” Konashenkov added.

“Sooner or later one will be held accountable for it. That is why Mr Brennan’s attempt to cushion the blow will hardly help. John Brennan is well aware of the real results of Russia’s actions in Syria,” he said.

Thanks to the Russian Aerospace Forces, over 12,000 square kilometers of Syrian land and 499 settlements have been liberated, 35,000 militants including 204 commanders have been eliminated.

“But the main outcome is that, without the outgoing [US] administration, without CIA, a ceasefire agreement was signed on December 30,” the spokesman stressed.

Both Washington and Moscow have been conducting military operations against terrorists in the war-torn country. The US-led international coalition of more than 60 members has been carrying out airstrikes against Daesh targets in Iraq and Syria since August and September 2014 respectively. Russia began its own operation in September 2015 at the request of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

The Russian military has initiated several lulls in fighting on the ground. The recent one came into being in late December and is expected to be followed by peace talks between the Syrian government and moderate opposition.

Konashenkov said that US aviation dropped nuclear bombs, destroying the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. Apart from that, in 1962-1971 Washington conducted Operation Ranch Hand in Laos and Vietnam involving chemicals “actually scorching out everything that moves” there. “And no one in the US was punished for that grave war crime,” he noted.

“I would like to remind that all major wars of the latest decades, unleashed by the US on the pretext of fakes, in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, all of them were accompanied and ended by the destruction of the countries’ economic infrastructure by the US Air Force. And it is hardly a coincidence that companies close to the CIA and the Pentagon always were the first to offer their services in rebuilding the major economic facilities,” he added.

SputnikNews 4/1/2017
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