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In the last few years, the US secret services stepped up their efforts to recruit Russian diplomats, Lavrov said. ~ “We have not made public the full statistics on this matter. But recently, in the past few years and especially during Obama’s second stint, the number of such unfriendly actions directed at our diplomats have grown,” Lavrov said at a press conference wrapping up last year.

“The war may be stopped, and the rights of Christians, Muslims and other people who have lived all their life in Syria, in other regional countries, may be ensured first of all through the use of force, because it is necessary to beat terrorism ruthlessly and beat it completely,” Lavrov told reporters. ~ “That is what we are doing, helping the Syrian army and the militia, who jointly with the Syrian army are involved in the fight against terrorism.” ~ He pointed out that the US wanted to use Daesh and al-Nusra Front terrorist organization to topple Syria’s President Assad.

He stressed that Moscow welcomes Trump’s assertions that counterterrorism will be one of his priorities. Lavrov assessed that previous statements made by Trump and his team show that they will not use double standards in the war on terror. Russian Foreign Minister further said that Moscow shares Trump’s view that each country should be responsible for their own development.

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