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SAA recaptures vital water supply in Wadi Barada

Syrian Arab Army soldiers recaptured Ain al-Fijah’s main pumping station, which vitally provides water for the capital Damascus, in Wadi Barada, Sunday.

Engineers are scheduled to arrive in the town this week, to carry out repairs on the facility, which was damaged during fighting between the Syrian Army and the mercenary armed gangs of terrorists.

When the terrorist groups had control over the area, they cut water supplies to Damascus, leaving more than 6 million residents without water.

(Damascus, 29/01/2017, H. Said) ~ The General Command of the Army and the Armed Forces announced that the Syrian Arab army and the popular defense groups and the supporting forces have accomplished their mission of restoring security and stability to the towns and villages in Wadi Barada area in the western countryside of Damascus after a series of successful military operations.

saa-logo-2017In a statement on Sunday, the General Command said the military operations in Wadi Barada took place in an area of a very complex geography and were carried out with accuracy to avoid civilian casualties.

It pointed out that these operations have contributed to creating the favorable conditions to allow the achievement of settlement and reconciliation agreements in a number of these villages and towns, citing those of Bassima, Ein al-Khadra, deir Muqren, Ein al-Fijeh, Deir Qanoun, Kafr al-Zeit, al-Husseiniyeh, Kafr al-Awamid, Birhalia, Afra and Wadi Barada Souq.

The total area that was liberated in Wadi Barada amounts to 400 km2, according to the Army’s General Command.

The Command reaffirmed in the statement its determination to continue carrying out its national mission of fighting terrorism, expressing its appreciation of the “sincere” efforts played by several national figures and forces that contributed to the restoration of security to Wadi Barada area.