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The Yemeni army and People’s Committees Navy attacked and seriously damaged, off the coast of Hodeidah, a warship belonging to the forces of the Saudi aggressor while it was targeting civilians and civilian facilities, violating the sovereignty of Yemen.

A Yemeni Army source stated that the military target has been achieved by a guided missile, explaining that the bombing of the Saudi warship is part of the battle waged by the Yemeni army and people’s committees in the western coasts of the country.

The Yemeni source said that Saudi warship was carrying 176 soldiers, officers, weaponry and helicopters, stressing that they were participating in the aggression against the western coasts, destroying villages of fishermen.

The navy and coastal defense of the Yemeni Coast Guard, had warned and denounced in January 21th, about the use of the international corridor by the Saudi battleships to assault and bomb civilian targets. They said in a statement that “The Saudi warships, which are using the international corridor to assault and bomb Yemeni civilian targets, are also posing a major threat to the international navigation in the Red Sea”. ~ (translation by SyrianPatriots)