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The head of the Belgian delegation currently visiting Syria, member of Belgium’s Federal Parliament Filip Dewinter, said that the delegation’s members will pressure the Belgian Parliament and the international organizations in which they work to lift the economic embargo imposed on Syria, noting that they witnessed during their visits to hospitals and housing centers that the embargo is affecting the Syrian people directly.

In a press conference held on Sunday evening at the new press office at the People’s Assembly, Dewinter stressed the need to unite efforts to fight terrorism in Syria, adding that the Wahabi terrorists who are backed by Arab Gulf states and Turkey want to destroy Syria and its secular values.

He said that more time is needed to change the viewpoints of European governments regarding the situation in Syria, noting that it takes political courage for European politicians to visit Syria and witness the reality of what is happening in it.

Dewinter affirmed that many states practiced erroneous policies towards Syria, primarily Turkey which facilitated the movement of terrorists through its borders and funded and armed them, adding that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is a true dictator whose actions will prevent Turkey from becoming a member in the EU.

He voiced dissatisfaction with the Belgian government because it doesn’t view the positions of the Syrian government objectively and doesn’t realize that the threat of the Wahabi terrorism in Syria will spread to Europe; rather it does as the US administration tells it.

Regarding the Belgian terrorists fighting in Syria, Dewinter said that they should either be tried if they ever return or they should be stripped of their Belgian nationality and have the Syrian people try them for their crimes.

He also pointed out to the terrorist attacks that affected several European capitals including Paris and Brussels, with some of the perpetrators being Belgian, affirming that Europe must become aware of the threat posed by those terrorists.

Belgian MP Filip Dewinter: “Western economic sanctions on Syria are an act of dictatorship and violence against Syrian people”

Earlier today, Dewinter said the Western economic sanctions on Syria are an act of “dictatorship” and harsh violence against the Syrian people because they have affected the humanitarian and livelihood aspects of their lives denying them access to medicines and food, describing these sanctions by “stupid”.

During a visit to a makeshift housing center in al-Harjalleh in Damascus Countryside, Dewinter described the Western sanctions imposed on Syria as “stupid”, saying that he will work in cooperation with the European parliamentarians to helps efforts to have the sanctions lifted to enable hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees to return to their country and contribute to reconstruction there.

He hailed the reconciliation agreements achieved by the Syrian state, saying that these reconciliations are a proof of wisdom and power.


Syrian News Agency in Damascus by M. al-Frieh/H. Said ~ 5/2/2017
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