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A video, released on Monday [13, February 2017] shows the destroyed facade of the Roman theater and a tetrapylon which dates back to 270 AD. ~ The video compares the state of the architectural landmark from June 6, 2016, when all four columns and the facade of the theater were intact, to their present state from February 5. ~ The terrorists blew up the proscenium, the central part of the ancient theater.

According to the Russian Defense ministry, Syrian troops backed by Russian jets are currently continuing their advance, with less than 20km left to Palmyra. It also stated that over the past week Russian jets made more than 90 assault sorties: The Syrian government forces destroyed more than 180 objects of militant infrastructure, including more than 60 checkpoint, 15 warehouses storing weapons, ammunition and military vehicles, 43 armored cars and jeeps, equipped with heavy machine guns. Casualties among terrorists amounted to more than 200 people”, the ministry stated on Monday, adding that since February 7 the Syrian army established control over a territory of 22sq km, liberating the settlements of El Kuleybe and Kirkuk. In total, since the government forces launched the operation to free Homs province from jihadists, they liberated some 805sq km of land…(…read more…)…