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Fort Russ News, via  Al Binaa, translated by Samer Hussein

Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has renewed calls to the UN Security Council for an immediate end of the violations of The Syrian sovereignty by the Turkish Armed Forces.

The Ministry also published a list of all violations that occurred since last December.

The letter, which was addressed to the UN Secretary General and the President of the UN Security Council, mentions illegal incursions into Syrian territory, building a wall within the so-called Turkish buffer zones (which exist on the sovereign Syrian territory), destruction of the property belonging to the Syrian citizens such as uprooting of hundreds of olive trees in order to build roads for the tanks of the Turkish army (as recently seen in the village of Qljabreen in the Azaz area of Aleppo province) and illegal backing of the terrorist groups which are loyal to the regime in Ankara.

The letter further states that the Turkish authorities recently established a military base inside Syrian territory, more precisely in the village of Jtrar, North of the town of Tal Rifaat, located in the province of Aleppo. The base includes the headquarters for the Turkish army personnel and their allies who are stationed on the Syrian soil and are allegedly involved in the so-called “Operation Euphrates Shield”. Ammunition depots are also being mentioned.

The letter reads:

“The Syrian Government renews calls to the UN Security Council to hold to its responsibilities and act in accordance with the International Law and to pressure Turkey in order to stop the violations of the Syrian Arab Republic’s sovereignty and territorial integrity”.


Al-Bab front: Erdogan’s Turkish army backed jihadists

Al-Jaafari: “Too early to speak about optimism on Syria talks”

Permanent Representative of the Syrian Arab Republic to the UN Bashar Jaafari said that “it is too early to speak about optimism”, regarding the new round of Syrian negotiations in Astana, in the Kazakh capital on Wednesday.

Bashar Jaafari, Permanent Representative of the Syrian Arab Republic to the UN (Arabic): “We conduct intensive bilateral consultations with friendly Russian and Iranian delegations. We compare the information available for us and for them. We jointly consider all the preparations and we are thinking about how to make the Astana-2 meeting successful. It is too early to speak about optimism. For example, the Turkish delegation has still not arrived. A delegation from the armed groups hasn’t arrived yet. Despite the fact that the meeting has officially already started. Therefore, there are no reasons for optimism yet. We are now studying all aspects and comparing the information available to us and our Russian and Iranian friends to give a correct assessment of the preparation of the Astana-2 meeting”.

Fort Russ News  from  Al Binaa
translated by Samer Hussein, 18/2/2017
Submitted by Lone Bear 
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