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1500 displaced persons return to Hama’s Helfaya, 45 persons fleeing ISIS in Raqqa arrive in the province

Hama, 22/2/2017 – 300 families who left their homes fleeing the terrorist organizations have returned back to Helfaya city in the northwestern countryside of Hama province.

Governor of Hama Mohammad al-Hazzouri told SANA that the families included 1500 persons, noting that their return back to Helfaya has come in the framework of implementing the reconciliation agreement reached recently to restore security and stability to the city, which is located 25 km northwest of Hama city.

Al-Hazzouri affirmed that all necessary food and relief supplies have been provided to the returning families, noting that more groups of people will return to the city in the coming period.


45 persons fleeing ISIS in Raqqa accommodated in temporary residential places in Hama

In a relevant context, Hama Governorate has provided temporary residential places to 6 families from Jaabar village in the countryside of Raqqa who arrived in Hama on Monday fleeing ISIS terrorists.

The Executive Director of the Charitable Society for Social Welfare Mohammed Sharif al-Rashwany told SANA that the 45 persons, who include children and women, have been accommodated in apartments and provided with relief and food supplies, adding that the arriving persons have also received the necessary medical and health examinations.

On Monday, the families arrived in Hama after few days of walking on foot fleeing the criminal acts of ISIS in Jaabar village in the countryside of Raqqa.


700 people in Serghaya town in Damascus to have their legal status settled

Damascus Countryside, 22/2/2017 – Governor of Damascus Countryside Alaa Ibrahim inspected on Wednesday the services situation in Serghaya town and the implemented measures to settle the status of armed persons after the departure of terrorists from the town within the framework of continued local reconciliations in the western part of the province.

In a press statement during the visit, the Governor said the process of settling the legal status of about 700 persons from the town of Serghaya has been embarked on, noting that a large number of those persons will join the military service, while the others will return to their normal lives.

He said 180 terrorists with their families left the town for Idleb on Monday, stressing the need to speed up the process of emptying the town of arms and armed men.

He also directed the workshops to immediately start working to restore the basic services and providing fuel and basic materials to citizens.

The Governor called on locals in the Eastern Ghouta of Damascus, particularly in Douma city, to exert pressure the militants who hold locals as hostages to leave the city.

Ibrahim pointed out that the reconciliation in al-Zabadani and Maddaya towns is linked to the situation of the terrorist-besieged towns of Kefraya and al-Fouaa in Idleb and will be solved soon, adding that the reconciliation process in Yalda and Beit Sahm is running smoothly.

He also referred to a reconciliation agreement that might be soon achieved in al-Qaboun neighborhood in Damascus in parallel to the operations of the Syrian Arab Army there.

SANA local reporters, M. al-Frieh/H. Said
SANA local reporters, M. al-Frieh/H. Said
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