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Terrorists’ Main Liaison with Israel
Killed in Syrian Army Attack in Quneitra

(FNA) ~ The Syrian Army’s missile and artillery units targeted the gatherings and positions of Al-Nusra Front (recently renamed to Fatah al-Sham Front) in Northern Quneitra on Saturday, killing several terrorists including Al-Nusra’s major agent responsible for contacts with Israeli forces.

The army’s artillery and missile units shelled heavily Al-Nusra’s concentration centers in Taloul a-Hamr (Red Hills) in Eastern Hadher town, killing three terrorists, including Commander of Tajamo al-Haramoun Eyad Kamal nom de guerre Morou.

The Arabic language desk of Russia Today news agency also said that Morou was one of the main contact agents between al-Nusra Front and Israeli officials.

Also, Syrian Army troops and popular forces repelled terrorists’ offensive in Northern Quneitra, killing and wounding several militants last week.

The army soldiers and popular forces targeted an 8-member group of terrorists and did not allow them to break through the government forces’ positions in Tal (hill) Sahi site in the town of Khan Arnaba, inflicting an almost 100 percent casualty on the group.

Syrian Artillery Regiment conducted strikes against a group of terrorists first line commanders: 3 terrorists high level commanders were hit including the number one hand of Zionists in the South known as Mohammad Iyad Kamal


(Syrian Arab Army Facebook page, 24/2/2017) ~ Based on Syrian Military Intelligence data a Syrian Artillery Regiment conducted strikes against a group of terrorists first line commanders and during their presence in al-Tulol al-Homr (Arabic for the Red Hills) specifically in the area located between Bet Jin town in the Southwestern Suburbs of Damascus and al-Hadar town in Northern al-Qunaitira.

Three terrorists high level commanders were hit including the number one hand of Zionists in the South known as Mohammad Iyad Kamal (code name “Moro” ) without confirmation on his death yet. However, a confirmed killing of his brother known as Emad Kamal who is a liaison officer with the Zionist military in the occupied Syrian-Golan Heights, and have had medical treatment provided to him once late last year inside Zionists hospitals.

Also, the killed traitor Emad Kamal had frequent meetings with the Zionist military in their observatory in the Syrian Golan Heights, and inside northern occupied Palestine.

We are still awaiting confirmation on his brother and the other terrorists commanders, we will publish it when we get it.

It was just yesterday that we told you the long-lasting honeymoon between the Zionists and their mercenaries in Southern Syria is going to be ended by the Syrian Arab Armed Forces; and perhaps this is the beginning of it, although we admit we had no previous knowledge of this particular targeting.


Israel’s Channel 2 carried the report, saying the Combat Intelligence Collection Corps had dispatched its Ait (Eagle) 595 Battalion on back-to-back incursions early Sunday.

The channel’s Danny Kushmaro, who was accompanying the troops in one of the missions, said the forces had reached the area on foot. He said they had managed to observe all developments and eavesdrop on conversations.

It quoted the Batallion’s commander as saying that his troops monitor developments taking place in Syrian villages as a means of providing support for Israeli troops stationed farther back.

He asserted that nothing escaped the forces, even Daesh’s movements in the area, saying the troops had witnessed two members of the Takfiri terror group changing guard atop one building.

The Israeli military has also deployed intelligence-gathering equipment in Syria’s Golan Heights, which is under Tel Aviv’s occupation, to record movements by the Syrian military and foreign-backed militants fighting the government.

The London-based news and opinion website Rai al-Youm said if the report is verified, it will mark the first time that the Israeli military has admitted its activities inside Syria, something it has always denied.

Israel has repeatedly attacked Syrian military targets in what is viewed as an attempt to prop up terrorist groups in the face of the Syrian Army advances.

The Israeli regime launched a rocket attack against a Syrian Air Force installation southwest of Damascus in January. The outpost was being used to attack militants, who have been fighting to hog nearby springs, which source the city.

Last September, an Israeli lawmaker said Tel Aviv was directly aiding the terrorist group formerly known as al-Nusra Front in the Golan Heights.

In a status posted on his Facebook page and quoted by the daily Ha’aretz, Knesset member Akram Hasoon said Jabhat Fateh al-Sham, as the group is currently known, was bombing the Druze village of Khadr with Israeli minister of military affairs Avigdor Lieberman’s support and protection.

Israel wants Syrian President Bashar al-Assad ousted. It has also been offering medical treatment to terrorists fighting Syrian soldiers in the Golan Heights, claiming that it renders such services in areas “under its control.”


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