We are a small team of patriots, Syrian and international, that from 2011 try to keep this space as a modest archive of events, articles, videos, analysis, among the most important in recent years with regard to Syria, countries and related areas involved in the most brutal aggression against the peoples, by the hand of a murderous sect without scruples, who considers itself as “chosen”, ‘aliens’ self-appointed and self-entitled to dominate peoples and resources of this planet.

We resist, despite adversity, and despite the fact that the founder and chief editor of this web space is currently in serious medical conditions, fighting against a disease that forces him (because of ongoing care) frequently in-and-out of hospital. Things are however improving and we hope to return to normality soon.

This is why the recent slowdown in publishing important news and related appropriate analysis collected on the web between friendly and reliable sites.

We would like to thank all our contributors, friends and readers from all over the world, for their invaluable assistance to notify us the most useful and interesting events and analysis little known by most people in this times of resistance and strugle against a sect of liars and murderers who would like to completely dominate this world.

For the truth, sovereignty and independence of Syria…and beyond…