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Syrian Gas Attack is a Lie – “Stop Your Governments!”

Maria Zakharova calls on Western respresenatives/ journalists to hear Russia, and what it has to say. The attack against the Syrian government (on April 7th, US warships delivered an illegal blow to a Syrian airbase in Homs: their justification was the recent “chemical weapon” attack on behalf of the Syrian government in Idlib), much like the Ghouta gas attack in 2013, which precipitated the Syrian civil war, is a giant facade for the military industrial warhawks in the U.S., to put their money where their mouth is.

Lavrov schools Tillerson in basic lessons of history

(updated) At the Tillerson – Lavrov talks in Moscow last week, Russia’s Foreign Minister disagreed with the US Secretary of State in their stance on the use of chemical weapons by Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad. Russia stands for a full investigation to take place, prior to taking any kind of action. In his explanation Lavrov noted, that the only source of information on the Idlib gas attack comes from the widely discredited ‘White Helmets’ propagandists. No official investigation by international bodies, has taken place. Tillerson, on the other hand, is quite assured of Assad’s involvement in the attack, without questioning White Helmets’ evidence. Furthermore, Russia’s top diplomat made it quite clear that no more ‘regime changes’ are possible, citing the devastating examples of Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya and Sudan.
This week, the US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, and UK Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Boris Johnson, were set to meet with Russia’s representatives in Moscow. Johnson has since pulled out of the meeting, in wake of the US airstrike on Syria, citing “Russia’s continued defence of the Assad regime.” While the backdrop to this meeting sets the stage to be particularly on edge, it is also true that to this day, no coherent foreign policy strategy has been made public on behalf of the Trump administration, and most certainly, no collusion has taken place with President Putin (despite the fake news rumours on CNN and BBC).
In this clip, Maria Zakharova, Foreign Affairs Spokesperson, remains her pragmatic self in her stance on illegal US actions. Most notably, she claims that one of the components to the recent attack on Syria by the US, is to mask the humanitarian disaster that is Mosul, under a US-led counter-terrorism operation. Lavrov, Russia’s Foreign Affairs Minister – he reminds Tillerson that he does not dance with boys!
Don’t miss my previous video on Vimeo with Maria Zakharova, which was not allowed on YouTube due to copyright blocks: “Airstrike on Syria: The world is held hostage by the US

Deep State problems: Putin warns of more chemical attacks

At Press Conference of Vladimir Putin and his Italian counterpart, Sergio Mattarella, the Russian President was asked for his view in regard to the US airstrike on Syria. His response revealed not a bashing of the new US administration, but the rivalries of the US “deep state” military-financial interests that potentially pressured President Trump into the airstrike on Syria. “Should anything go really wrong – Trump is who they will blame” – he said.
Moreover, Putin told reporters that Russian intelligence indicates that terrorist factions operating in Syria are planning further chemical weapons attacks, likely in regions south of Damascus. These attacks will then be used as justification for more strikes against the Assad government.
A day earlier, Fort Russ Editor in Chief, Joaquin Flores, stated the very same reasoning on RT talk-show CrossTalk Bullhorns. In his analysis, he explained that there are a lot more interests than meet the eye when it comes to the Idlib “chemical gas attack” and the subsequent US airstrike on Syria.

(Translations thanks to Inessa Sinchougova)