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The plot thickens: In the meeting with Italian President in Moscow on 11 April, President Putin said that the US “deep state” military-financial interests potentially pressured President Trump into the airstrike on Syria. “Should anything go really wrong – Trump is who they will blame” – he said. A day later, Putin revealed in an interview that he was made aware of the airstrike a number of hours in advance. Given what we know about the situation so far – 1) Russia was given sufficient warning time to remove any personnel from the airbase, both Russian and Syrian, and 2) Not only did half of the US cruise missiles fail to reach the destination, but the ones that did were seemingly off-course. Very little damage was sustained at the Syrian airbase or the aircraft, as pointed out soon after the incident, by the Russian Ministry of Defense.

This leads me to believe that the whole thing was a facade, designed to appease certain “financial-military” interests inside the US ‘deep state’, as originally alluded to by President Putin. The slander of #RussiaGate has seemingly disappeared since Trump became a ‘war President’. The issue of ‘whodunnit’ over the preliminary gas attack, which served as justification for the US airstrike, remains at large.

(Translations thanks to Inessa Sinchougova)