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Exclusive Russian Report (by Anna News): Tomahawk Leftovers Examined at Syrian Shayrat airbase.

April 7, America dealt a massive blow with cruise missiles at the air base Shairat, located near Homs. Thus, the US trampled down the last norms of international law. The cause of the massive attack was the incident in the Syrian village of Khan Sheikhun where, according to the opposition, more than 30 people died as a result of the chemical attack. The tragedy that has taken place has generated a huge number of questions. However, no one really intended to conduct an international investigation into the incident. Within a few days, the perpetrators of the tragedy were appointed and a massive blow was immediately struck at them. And the basis for the attacks were data from social networks. Until recently, the American side was confident of storing chemical weapons here. Representative of the US Department of Defense Jeff Davis spoke about this. According to him, the planes “flew from this air base on April 4” and, allegedly, dealt an air strike using chemical weapons in the province of Idlib. And the American command consciously chose the targets for the attack and struck down everything where a chemical weapon could theoretically be located. Thus, the ammunition depot and the fuel storage facility were destroyed. A few hours after the strike, our crew quietly inspected all the destroyed objects. In particular, we visited the armory warehouse, and no one received poisoning. Because there was no chemical weapons at the base (and even in Syria) and no. The impact was carried out by high-precision cruise missiles, which without any special effort penetrated the concrete walls of the hangar, hitting the technology hidden in it. A total of 7 soldiers and officers were killed, 13 people were injured. But even so, by the time the runway was cleared of debris and Syrian planes and helicopters began to make military sorties from the military airfield again. (Caption author, English-Russian, Stanislav Stankevich)

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