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from 'CanDoBetter', submitted by 'DontGetFooledAgain'

See also: ABC’s 4 Corners breaches Code of Practice; ‘Syria’s Disappeared’ (24/4/17) by Susan Dirgham.

By my own measurement the 4 Corners ‘report’ Syria’s Disappeared – The Case Against Assad only gave Syrian President Bashar al-Assad 40 seconds – 10 seconds near the start and 30 seconds near the end – to answer claims that his govenment had imprisoned, tortured and murdered tens of thousands of his own people as well as the more recent fraudulent allegation that the Syrian Army had used Sarin gas in Idlib province.

The full interview of length 34 minutes and 40 seconds was published by Yahoo News on 10 February 2017 and a full copy recorded by the Syrian Government has been placed on YouTube. The YouTube copy is embedded below.

from 'CanDoBetter'
Submitted by 'DontGetFooledAgain'
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