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Honor to the Heroes

As the war on Syria enters its seventh year, the 6th of May brings to mind stories of heroism, glory, commitment and all sacrifices that the Syrians have made to defend the independence of their homeland and its territorial integrity over the years.

Nowadays, the Martyrs’ Day, which annually marked on May 6th to commemorate the Syrian and Lebanese nationalists executed by the Ottomans in Beirut and Damascus for resisting the occupation in 1916, is an opportunity to honor and pay tribute to all Syrian mothers and their sons for their sacrifices to confront the terrorist war waged on their country since 2011.

Sou’ad Jneidi, mother of martyrs Mayyas and Ali Ahmad, recalled the last moments with her son before his martyrdom, adding that she is proud of her two sons who irrigated with their blood the soil of Aleppo for the sake of their country.

In another neighborhood in Lattakia city, SANA reporter met Hamida Ibrahim who lost her husband Nizar Ali at the hands of terrorists while her son Basel was martyred while he was fighting terrorists in Damascus Countryside.

Mrs. Ibrahim said that martyrs have become a beacon to the Syrian people, stressing the continuity of sacrifices to achieve victory and preserve Syria’s dignity and sovereignty.

Union of Journalists, in a statement on the occasions of Martyrs and Journalism Days, underlined the role of journalists in confronting the unjust war waged on the country and exposing the fabricated media news, stressing their readiness to do their best to fulfill their duties.

The statement saluted those who sacrifice their blood for the sake of Syria’s unity and stability, affirming commitment to the government’s measures to eradicate terrorism, defend the homeland and go ahead with local reconciliations to rebuild Syria.

The National Leadership of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party (BASP) stressed that the martyrs and martyrdom memory consolidate the confidence to go forward in the struggle against terrorism, confront any aggression, restore the rights and to liberate the occupied land.

In its statement, the BASP National Leadership referred to the special attention given by the Syrian leadership to the martyrs’ sons and families.

Long life to Syria and Bashar Hafez al-Assad