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Restoring stability to al-Qaboun
boosts circle of security around Damascus

(Damascus, 15/5/2017) ~ The general command of the Syrian Army and Syrian Armed forces announced on Monday that units of army, in cooperation with the backup forces, fulfilled their mission in restoring security and stability to al-Qaboun region and the farms surrounding it to the north-eastern side of Damascus after a series of special operations that dealt heavy blows to the terrorists of Jabhat al-Nusra and other affiliated groups.

The army’s general command said in a statement that the army, through the restoration of security and stability to al-Qaboun and the surrounding farms, has boosted the circle of security in the vicinity of Damascus and tightened the noose around the terrorist groups in eastern Ghouta, cut off their supplying routes and formed a base for eliminating the remaining of other terrorist cells in Damascus countryside.

It added that the army destroyed the gatherings and fortifications of the terrorist groups and a large number of tunnels that were used by the terrorists as supplying routes for the transportation of weapons and terrorists.

The general Command affirmed its determination to go ahead in the war against Takfiri terrorism, thanking the owners of national initiatives for their efforts in fulfilling the local reconciliations.