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After the chemical fake bombings, the ‘barrel bombs, the ridiculous ‘Hollywood Oscar’ to the al-Qaeda’s ‘White Helmets’, the CIA/M16/Mossad State criminals now came out with more bullshit, using the usual mainstream subservient media liars…

(Damascus)~Foreign and Expatriates Ministry categorically denied the U.S. administration’s accusations that the Syrian government is using a crematory to hide mass murders at Sednaya prison.

In a statement the Ministry described the U.S. accusations about “a crematorium” used by the Syrian government at Sednaya prison to cover up mass murders as “a new Hollywood story” that is dissociated from reality and “fundamentally untrue”, referring also to the old accusations repeatedly brought up on the alleged use of “barrel bombs” and “chemical weapons”.

These new accusations about a crematory are part of the act of fabricating lies and creating false allegations persistently practiced by the successive U.S. administrations with the aim to justify their policies of aggression and intervention in sovereign states, the source said.

The Syrian government, the source said, affirms that these allegations are “totally baseless” and are fabrications made by the U.S. administration and its agents.

The source noted that the Syrian government is not surprised by these statements as similar ones have been repeatedly brought up whenever any round of political talks was to be held whether in Geneva or Astana, adding that goals, content and timing of these allegations and the intentions behind them are totally known.


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SANA, H.Said
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