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If we fall, it will be on the corpses of our enemies

Syrian Arab Army kills several Daesh terrorists

Syrian Arab Army kills 6 Daesh terrorists in Deir Ezzor

(29/5/2017)~A Syrian Arab Army unit operating in Deir Ezzor killed 6 Daesh (ISIS, ISIL, IS…) terrorists after targeting an Daesh terrorist group’s movement axes southwest of Talet (hill) al-Sanouf and destroyed a vehicle equipped with 57mm canon for them.

A military source told to the Syrian News Agency reporters on Monday that an army unit destroyed 4 ISIS fortified positions, killing and injuring a number of terrorists after targeting their gatherings and fortifications in the area of al-Ghar hills in the surrounding of Deir Ezzor city.

SAA inflict heavy losses upon Daesh in Deir Ezzor

(28/5/2017)~Syrian Army units thwarted ISIS terrorist groups’ attempts to infiltrate and attack the military posts in Tal Barouk west of Deir Ezzor city.

A military source told to the Syrian News Agency reporters on Sunday that Syrian army units clashed with Daesh (ISIS, ISIL, IS…) terrorist groups which attempted to attack military posts in Tal Barouk area, killing and injuring a number of terrorists while the rest fled away towards the areas from which they launched their attack.

The army also destroyed their vehicle, weapons and ammunition.

The source added that other army units eliminated a number of ISIS terrorists in the surrounding of the cemeteries area, the vicinity of the airport, the gas field, al-Mahroukat hill and the west of al-Sanouf hill in Deir Ezzor.

The army inflicted heavy losses upon ISIS terrorist organization after targeting its movement axes and fortifications in the surrounding of the airport, Panorama area, al-Taem field, on al-Sham road, near al-Azem oil station, west of al-Sanouf hill, in al-Bghiliyeh village, al-Mahroukat hill in Aiyyash village and in the surrounding of regiment 137.

Syrian Army re-establishes control over areas in Homs and Aleppo, kills more Daesh apes in Sweida, Hama, Deir Ezzor


(27/5/2017)~Army units, in cooperation with backup forces, re-established control over al-Alyaniyeh area and village, 10km south of Kheifis and 46 km southeast of al-Bassiri in the southeastern countryside of Homs.

A military source told to the Syrian News Agency reporters Saturday that a number of Daesh (ISIS, ISIL, IS…) terrorists were killed and their weapons and equipment were destroyed in the army operations.

The source added that the engineering units work on dismantling the mines and explosive devices which were planted by the ISIS terrorists in the area.


Meanwhile, an army unit targeted an ISIS terrorist group on the road connecting between the towns of Rajem al-Dawleh and Sabrah Alia in the northeastern countryside of Sweida.

A military source told SANA Saturday that the army killed 6 of ISIS terrorists and destroyed 3 motorcycles and an amount of their weapons and ammunition.


An army unit destroyed a car loaded with weapons and ammunition for ISIS terrorists in the northeastern countryside of Hama province.

A military source told to the Syrian News Agency reporters that an army unit intensively targeted movements and gatherings of ISIS terrorists near Wadi al-Ezeib area in the countryside of Salamiyeh city.

The source said the army’s strikes resulted in destroying a car laden with weapons and ammunition and a number of motorbikes, in addition to killing 5 terrorists.

B9 shells and 2 PKC machine guns were seized by the army members.


A military source said that army units, in cooperation with supporting forces, restored security and stability to the villages of Mawaleh Janoubiye, al-Sukaraya, al-Maknana al-Ziraiya, al-Karma, Mawaleh Shamaliya, Jub al-Nena, Abu sousa, Taous, Tel al-Abd, al-Ees al-Sharqi, al-Ees al-Gharbi, and Oum Thawra in the eastern countryside of Aleppo province.

The source said that the army’s operations in these areas left scores of ISIS terrorists dead, injured others, and destroyed their weapons and munitions.

Deir Ezzor

A military source said that army units eliminated six terrorists from ISIS and destroyed their vehicles west of Tallet al-Sunouf in Deir Ezzor.

Syrian Army destroys tunnel for Daesh in Deir Ezzor, establishes control over areas in Homs countryside

Deir Ezzor

(26/5/2017)~Units of Army and Armed Forces destroyed a tunnel for Daesh (ISIS, ISIL, IS…) terrorist organization in the eastern province of Deir Ezzor.

A military source told to the Syrian News Agency reporters that an army unit destroyed with guided missile a car equipped with 57 mm cannon for ISIS in al-Tharda, killing a number of its terrorists and injuring many others.

The Syrian army targeted Daesh sites in the factories area to the southwest of Electronic Insurance Brigade in the southern axis of Deir Ezzor city, destroying a heavy machinegun and a number of dens and fortifications along with all weapons and ammunition inside them.

The army also directed concentrated strikes with artillery on ISIS gatherings and fortifications in the neighborhoods of al-Omal, al-Mattar al-Qadim and al-Reshdia, the area surrounding al-Panorama, al-Taim Road, al-Taim School, to the west of Tallet al-Sonof, Hawijit Saqar and the area surrounding the Military Airport, inflicting heavy losses upon them in personnel and equipment.

The reporter added that an army unit detonated a 60-meter-long tunnel in al-Mwazafin neighborhood, killing a number of terrorists and destroying one of their sites.

The reporter said that the Syrian Air Force launched a number of raids on ISIS sites in the desert and the farms of al-Panorama and al-Hajif site to the southwest of Deir Ezzor, killing and injuring a number of terrorists.


In Homs, army units established control over new areas in the southeastern countryside of the province following violent battles with ISIS terrorists.

SANA’s correspondent said that army forces, in cooperation with supporting forces, carried out concentrated and swift operations which resulted in establishing control over al-Abtar mountain range and the areas of al-Sawwana and Khenfis along with the mines in them all the way to the Damascus-Palmyra highway, which engineering units are securing by dismantling explosive devices.

The correspondent said that the operations resulted in killing scores of ISIS terrorists and destroyed convoys of their vehicles and fortified positions.

Syrian Arab Army regains control over new areas in Homs countryside, kills number of Daesh leaders in Deir Ezzor


(25/5/2017)~Army units, in cooperation with the backing forces, regained full control over al-Bardeh area, 32 km east of al-Qaryateen in the eastern countryside of Homs, Zaqaqiyeh Khalil Mountain, 6 km east of al-Bardeh area and imposed fire control over al-Bassiri village, 8 km south of al-Bardeh.

A military source said Thursday that the army eliminated scores of Daesh (ISIS, ISIL, IS…) terrorists and destroyed large numbers of weapons and ammunition in addition to seizing various kinds of military equipment and ammunition.

The source added that the engineering members dismantled the explosive devices and mines which were planted by ISIS terrorists, while the army units continue pursuing the remnants of terrorists who fled away towards al-Badia.

Later, units of army, in cooperation with backup forces, established control on al-Mahsa and a number of surrounding hills that connect Homs eastern countryside with al-Qalamoun.

Deir Ezzor

Army units, backed by air forces, destroyed two vehicles and a command center for ISIS terrorist organization in Deir Ezzor city and its countryside.

SANA reporter said that Syrian air force carried out air strikes against a site for ISIS terrorists in al-Ardi neighborhood where a number of their leaders were holding meeting. The strikes resulted in destroying the site and killing large numbers of terrorists.

The reporter noted that the army units destroyed two BMP vehicles for ISIS terrorists at al-Sham oil station on al-Maleha road in al-Hweiqa neighborhood in Deir Ezzor.

The reporter said that the Syrian army artillery inflicted heavy losses upon the terrorists in personnel and weaponry in the surroundings of Tel Barouk at Raqqa Bridge, the village of Ayash and the neighborhood of al-Hwiqa, al-Sinaa, al-Hameidieh, and destroyed a barricade where ISIS terrorists were fortified in al-Banorama surroundings near al-Iman oil station.

Syrian Arab Armed Forces re-establishes control over al-Jarah Airport and new areas in Aleppo countryside

(24/5/2017)~The Syrian Arab Army and Syrian Arab Armed Forces units re-established control over al-Jarah Airport and restored security and stability to a number of villages and towns in the eastern countryside of Aleppo, after killing and injuring around 3,000 Daesh (ISIS, ISIL, IS…) terrorists.

A military source told to the Syrian News Agency reporters that Syrian army units expanded their operations in hunting down ISIS terrorists in the eastern countryside of Aleppo during which the army established control over al-Jarah airport and restored security and stability to the villages and areas of al –Mahdoum , al-Bailouneh, Jirah Sagheir, Tel Hassan, Um Nesourah, Wajab Ali, Bani Zeid, Kherbet Hassan, al-Khaldieh, Ateireh, Jirah Kabeir, the cattle ranches, Droubieh, Sekarieh, Maziunet al-Jabiri , al-Hamra, Qawwass, al-Reihanieh, al-Samerieh, the third station, al-Naserieh, al-Naserieh train station, al-Ajouzieh, Tel Feddah, al-Mazran, al-Kenawieh, Mohsent al-Khafseih, Rasm al-Hamam Gharbi, Rasm al-Kiwan, and al-Masoudieh.

The source added that the military operations resulted in killing and injuring over 3,000 ISIS terrorists ,destroying 19 tanks, 5 BMP vehicles, 11 vehicles rigged with explosives, 6 artillery pieces, 9 munitions depots, 2 communication and operation centers, and 61 field command centers.

The military source affirmed the military leader of ISIS terrorist organization in the eastern countryside of Aleppo , including one nicknamed “Abu Odai al-Iraqi” who was the so-called chief judge the eastern countryside, Mahmoud Abdul-Jabbar bin Hassan aka “Abu al-Walid al-Tounsi” who was the “emir” of Debsi Faraj town , Obadah Salim al-Daaboul, and three Saudi terrorists named Abdelrahman Mitawea al-Dakheil, Abu Muhammad al-Najdi, and Sultan Abdullah al-Ghallab aka “Abu Remh al-Saudi.”

The source said that the “minster of war” of ISIS organization, who is known as “Abu Mosaab al-Masri”, along with Saudi terrorist Abu Abdelleh Mohammed Sameih al-Kisri who was the “emir” in charge of finance in the eastern countryside, leader Mahmoud Adnan al-Ajim , Mohammed al-Hussein al-Jaloud who was the “emir of Hittin gathering ,” Abu Ahmed al-Kafir al-Abaji who was an “emir” in charge of security, and the Iraqi terrorists Ali Nazal Qarah Bash and Sufian Mohammed Abboush were also identified among the dead.

Meanwhile in Hama province, a military source said that army units foiled infiltration attempts by ISIS terrorists in the area of Tal Mragha to the east of Ethryia-Khanaser axis, killing a large number of terrorists and seizing a car loaded with ammunition.

In Deir Ezzor, army units directed concentrated strikes on positions and supply routes for ISIS in the eastern barrier of Deir Ezzor Airport, to the west of Taliet al-Sonof, al-Arfi and al-Mattar al-Qadim neighborhoods, the area surrounding the graveyards area and al-Panorama Bridge and al-Boghilia village.

The strikes resulted in the killing of a number of ISIS terrorists and the injuring of many others in addition to the destroying of fortifications and amounts of weaponry and ammunition for them.

U.S.-made missiles, Israeli mortars left behind by terrorists found in Homs’s al-Waer

Syrian Arab Army engineering units find American and Israeli weaponry, missiles and shells, in the neighborhood of Al-Wa’ar, in Homs province

Syrian & Russian Military Reports, 24-28 May 2017
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