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Reports by Ziad Fadel, SyrPer

QUNAYTRA:  There is no better proof that the Zionist Settler State is awash in war crimes and violations of international law than its support for Alqaeda, in the former disguise of Jabhat Al-Nusra, n/k/a Hay`at Tahreer Al-Shaam.  Yesterday, in what appeared to be another fouled-up Zionist military operation against SAA positions near Al-Ba’ath City, the Syrian Army repelled a frontal attack by Alqaeda vultures just as Zionist helicopters fired missiles at civilian residencies killing over 25 with many in critical condition.  The stinking rat Khazar Zionist cockroaches couldn’t hit the wall of a barn if they had to.  As they fired at Syrian Army tanks, they were shocked, evidently, to see how effective new Russian armor was and how effective the Sarab 1 anti-rocket system was in deflecting American-made TOW rockets.  The attack was a disaster.  Over 17 Alqaeda rodents were killed with scores seen evacuated to noisome clinics operated by Warsaw Ghetto scum near Al-Hameediyya.

SAA in action
in rural Kuneitra and eastern Gouta

HAMA: The president of the republic, joined with other Muslims to celebrate the end of the Holy Month of Ramadan at the Al-Noori Mosque in the City of Hama.  He was flanked by the Grand Mufti, Ahmad Badreddeen Hassoon, and the Minister of the Islamic Charities (Awqaaf).  Western propaganda machines are having some kind of field day with this event because as they,wrongly, claim, the president rarely leaves Damascus.  Their suggestion is that he remains cloistered in his home as the war supposedly rages on.  One article in the MSM argued the president, Dr. Assad, is showing a new confidence in the way the war is evolving, hence, his unexpected visit to Hama.

Al-Salamiyya:  At the axis of the oil pipeline and the ruins of Al-Deeba, the Russian navy fired off 6 Kaliber cruise missiles from 2 frigates and a submarine in the Mediterranean while the Syrian Army joined in by unloading tons of ordnance on the remaining ISIS refuse infecting the Hamawi countryside.  According to all sources on the ground, ISIS suffered heavy losses in rats and materiel.

DER’AH: The Syrian Army has successfully sealed off the Eastern side of Der’ah from the partially-infested Western side. In doing this, the SAA has essentially isolated pockets of Saudi-and-Zio-supported terrorists and prevented them from infiltrating into the east to conduct trade or to replenish their supplies.  This is the end of the terrorist occupation of Der’ah. A large SAA force from the 5th Mechanized Armored Division is preparing to launch the final offensive to exterminate the cringing rodents.

DAYR EL-ZOR:  Short and sweet: The SAA has finally crossed the Euphrates River and entered the Eastern side of DZ.  ISIS defenses are collapsing as news from Mosul continues to arrive indicating a major military catastrophe there along with leaked news of the “Caliph’s” demise.

Robert Ford’s Interview With Sharq Al-Awsat
(courtesy of Sharmine Narwani)

Robert Ford:
“Kurds will pay the price for trusting the Americans”

  • Q. Let us start with an essential point: your visit to Hama in June 2011. Why did you go? And do you think this was a wise decision? 

  • “A. The two questions are legit. Why did I go? The answer is easy. We obtained information indicating that Hama was besieged and that the army is besieging the city. We were worried about violence during the protests on the following day. I went there on Thursday to be a witness to any potential violence and to know who started it because the main question in Washington will be: Who started the violence? Was it the protestors or the government…? Also my visit included a message to the Syrian government indicating that we’re taking this matter seriously and you should not be dispatching the army to the city…
  • “Q. Was that a wise decision? 
  • “A. There are two aspects: one positive and one negative aspect. My visit showed the Syrians that we’re interested in Human Rights issues. I still meet Syrian people now who tell me: Thank you for visiting Hama… But there are also two negative points concerning my visit: First, the Syrian government used the visit to support its propaganda on the Syrian revolution being an external conspiracy. Second, one student of mine at Yale is writing a thesis about this: my visit and other actions in Syria in 2011 encouraged the growth of the protest movement. However, the Americans were not willing to dispatch the army to help the Syrians. This means that we gave the Syrians a fake hope. 
  • “…Q. After six years, did you expect that Al-Assad will still be in power despite all that happened in the country?
  • “A. In late 2013, I thought the attrition war will be harsh on the regime and that they will be negotiating a deal. Some will ask for a pardon and leave to Algeria or Russia or Cuba. [I thought] that a coalition cabinet will be formed…and because the Syrian army will be weak, the regime will accept to save itself in return of giving up on the Al-Assad and Makhlouf families. 
  • “Q. Did you really think that the regime will be negotiating its end?
  • “A. Yes. This is the biggest political mistake that I made. I did not expect Iran and Hezbollah to send thousands of fighters. I did not expect Hezbollah to sacrifice its reputation in the Arab world for Al-Assad… 
  • “Q. Why has Washington failed to modify the state of stagnation?
  • “A. Al-Assad won. He’s a victor or so he thinks. Maybe in ten years, he will take the whole country. The regime won’t be held accountable for the chemical weapons, the killings, the torture, the explosive barrels, the refugees and the displaced people. No accountability. Al-Assad might be visiting Paris or London, but no one will visit Damascus to take the regime’s officials to be tried in The Hague. No one. The regime might require some time to restore Deraa. Sooner or later, it will go to Idleb. The Russians will help. It [the regime] will go to Qamishli and strike a deal with Iran and Turkey to destroy the Kurds. 
  • “Q. What about the Americans? Will they not protect the Kurds?
  • “A. Do you think the Americans will be fighting in Qamishli?
  • “Q. The Americans are supporting the Kurds to liberate Reqqa from ISIL 
  • “A. Did you hear an American official say, or read an American statement indicating: we will defend West Kurdistan after ISIL’s defeat?
  •  “Q. No. What does that mean?
  •  “A. Is this a coincidence? They will not defend the Kurds against the Al-Assad forces.
  • “Q. So they’re using the Kurds only to free Raqqa from ISIL?
  • “A. Yes. For this reason, I believe that what we’re doing with the Kurds is not only political stupidity but also something immoral. The Americans used the Kurds for long years during the Saddam Hussein rule… The Syrian Kurds are making the biggest mistake by trusting the Americans…
  • “Q. What is Trump’s ultimate goal?
  • “A. He wants to reduce the Iranian authority. That’s what I heard from one of Trump’s advisors a few weeks back. But he doesn’t know that the game is over. They are very late. Obama did not leave the Trump Administration with many choices to realize its objectives.”

Reports by Ziad Fadel, SyrianPerspective
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