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This is the masochistic consequence, like a boomerang, for the Western/European NATO powers that have armed or supported the terrorist gangs in Syria and Middle East, which are now invading and occupying them.

By George Chaya 29/6/2017, Infobae
original in Spanish translated by SFP

Sweden is being destabilized by the immigration of Muslim refugees. Police are asking for help and it is only a matter of time before the country needs intervention from its military forces to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe.

A Swedish government report from the Sharq al-Awsat newspaper concludes that the number of areas designated as “highly dangerous areas” by Sharia enforcement openly in Stockholm grew to 62 in the first half of 2017 over the 55 censuses In December 2016. The increase not only includes the number in quantity, but also the geographical size of those areas.

Dan Eliasson, Sweden’s National Police Commissioner, spoke on national television this week and asked for help: “Help us,” he said, warning that the country’s police forces can no longer enter such areas to uphold the law . Considers to ask for support to all the powers of the State.

A research expert on destabilized countries and winner in 2011 of the Order of the Medal of the Seraphs of Sweden, Johan Patrick Engellau, who has worked with supranational organizations such as the United Nations and several European NGOs on immigration and refugees, warned:

“I am afraid that it is the end of organized, decent and equitable Sweden that we have known so far . Personally, I would not be surprised if there was a Conflict in the form of civil war. In some parts of the country, civil war has probably already begun, although the governing coalition does not seem to have heard”, Engellau wrote.

The 10 News TV channel recently reported how Sweden has lost large areas to armed and religious groups described as Islamic militias.
Stockholm police chief Lars Alversjo said “there are levels of violence such as have never been seen in the country and in several areas of Stockholm that are falling outside the sphere of the state”.
He also noted that “the legal system, a pillar in any democratic society, is collapsing in Sweden”.

Magnus Ranstorp, a professor and researcher on terrorism and Islamic radicalization at the Swedish National Defense College, told television that “in the most dangerous areas of the capital, radical groups in the Islamic community have taken power in the streets and are implanting their “In these areas, the sense of justice and peace is threatened by the fact that the police are crumbling and everything has worsened since the beginning of this year. Ranstorp.

The Swedish Security Service (Säkerhetspolisen) warned that the country is being “infiltrated by hundreds of Islamists who share the ideology of the Islamic State (ISIS),” and in many places civil servants seek police escort or protection To move to their offices.

The security service warned that “some 15,042 Swedish women have been sexually assaulted during the past year in areas of the capital where the authorities admit large areas under Islamic sharia law”.


The word that the Swedish authorities and the media use for “forbidden areas for non-Muslims”, and in which citizens are advised not to transit is Utenforskap , its meaning defines the “excluded areas”. In these areas, Swedish law has been replaced by a mix of immigrant gang law and an Islamic code known as sharia. Muslim gangs and Islamic radicals are undermining Swedish democracy, the National Security Service said in a recent report.

The only reason why large-scale armed conflict has not yet occurred in Stockholm, the capital of a formerly peaceful and secure country, is probably related to the fact that the social democratic-environmental alliance that governs Sweden pretends to ignore the gravity of the situation And is not presenting any real resistance against the Islamists, said Magnus Ranstorp.

Even if the Swedish Government decides to confront these Islamic criminal gangs, Sweden would not have the necessary capacity to reverse this situation, its security and police forces have been exceeded . Seventy percent of law enforcement officials are considering leaving their jobs in a clear signal that the police force is completely demoralized. The military, in this traditionally pacifist country, is reduced to almost nothing, and there is no money to fix such a problem, said Johan Patrick Engellau.


Engellau added that “the government does not seem to understand that it has lost control. There is a point where the development of a situation can no longer be stopped.” “I do not know if Sweden has reached that point because of the consequences of uncontrolled immigration, but I am afraid we are facing a tragic outcome. The moment is so serious that even if we take clear and powerful action, including halting immigration and The politics of multiculturalism, I do not know if we could save Sweden”, he concluded.

The fact is that the political elite in Sweden is far from taking such decisive action, since it has not even begun to speak openly about these problems. However, the country will soon need international aid. Police chief Dan Eliasson’s appeal for help was aimed only at political parties within Sweden, but the international community will soon have to intervene if a social, civil and humanitarian catastrophe is to be avoided, Engellau said.


Idiocy and Madness in Power

By George Chaya 29/6/2017, Infobae
Translated from Spanish in English/Italian by SyrianPatriots
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