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(Damascus, 2 July 2017) ~ After pursuing three car bombs, the authorities destroyed two of them at the Airport Road roundabout area in Damascus, while the third car bomb was surrounded in Bab Touma area where the suicide bomber driving it detonated it, killing and injuring a number of civilians.

In a statement, the Interior Ministry said that at 6:15 am on Sunday, terrorist organziaitons sent 3 car bombs with the aim of detonating them in safe neighborhoods in Damascus, but the authorities detected and pursued them to prevent them from reaching their targets, managing to destroy two of the cars at the Airport Road roundabout area.

The statement said that as the authorities were closing in on the third car, the suicide bomber on board detonated it in al-Ghadir Square in Bab Touma, killing a number of civilians, injuring others, and causing material damage to public and private properties.

The Ministry affirmed that it will remain vigilant to prevent terrorist attacks, calling on citizens to notify the authorities of any suspicious activities.

Local Administration and Environment Minister Hussein Makhlouf and Damascus Governor Bishr al-Sabban visited the site of the explosion of the two cars at the Airport Road roundabout, with Makhlouf saying that work is underway to repair damage to infrastructure, streets, and houses.

Meanwhile, Health Minister Nizar Yazigi visited injured people at Damascus Hospital and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent Hospital.

The injuries ranged from slight to severe, and all of the injured are receiving treatment, and some have already left the hospitals after being treated.