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(Russian with English subtitles)

The constant call for Russia to reform is actually a liberal and Western propaganda hoax aimed at denigrating the present achievements and the leadership of Putin. Under Putin Russia has reformed beyond belief all aspects of the economy and social life. After some initial major reforms undertaken in the first half of the first decade of 2000s, Russia has been in a mode of constant reforms by reacting year by year to the challenges and opportunities that have been revealed.

Usually the catchphrase for this hoax is a call for “structural reforms,” especially beloved by the Russian liberal economists and the Russian business press. The problem with these structural reforms is that nobody ever spells out what they would in actual fact signify, obviously because they simply cannot identify any areas of policy that would in essence merit the dramatic name of reform. Having analyzed that patter for years, our conclusion is that what it all boils down is regime change, “structural reforms” is code for “Putin must go.”

Another popular Russia bashing version of this goes “Russia is a gas station with nukes.” The good thing is that they at least remembered about the nukes, but with this report we take the opportunity enlighten them with the fact that Russia is a diversified self-sufficient economy, an industrial powerhouse…with nukes. The realization of this – not forgetting about the Russian bear’s de facto alliance with the Chinese panda – should come as a shocking wake-up call to all those who still toy with ideas to reach absolute global hegemony at the expense of the Russian people.

The full special economic report is titled What Does Not Kill You Will Make You Stronger: The Russian Economy 2014 – 2016, the Years of Sanctions Warfare.

(from Russia Insider)