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By Ziad Fadel, Syrianperspective

The media is abuzz with news that the Caliph of Cockadoodledoo is not dead, but alive, somewhere in Syria.  It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that that area in Syria will be where American forces and allies are operating.  After all, what could possibly be more dramatic than Donald Trump’s victory over the modern world’s eidos of evil, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdaadi.  His triumph will be greater than Obama’s when the former president basked onanistically in his own self-made glory after assassinating the malevolent, Usaamaa Bin Laadin.

I reported that Al-Baghdaadi was killed 1 year ago by the Syrian Air Force at Al-Mayaadeen.  I hold to my report and consider the issue closed.  It is my argument that the Saddamist Iraqi officers running ISIS are deliberately concealing his death the way the Taliban concealed the death of their leader, Mullah Umar.  If I am wrong, then, I will own up to it.  Yet, I can sense the vibrations of falsehood and deceit all around me.  Is it possible that the Caliph is the ultimate “one hit wonder”?  He has only been seen one time since his sleep-inducing speech at the Al-Noori Mosque in Mosul.

Isn’t it interesting how “sources” emanating from the Kurds in Iraq are trumpeting his rebirth.  Why, it would seem the Americans are planning to bomb Al-Raqqa and conveniently find that one of their bombs landed right on the cringing Caliph turning him into thousands of unidentifiable particles.  Pieces of his body will be flown to England or Germany where unnamed, anonymous, forensic specialists will be able to “confirm” the identity of this blackguard whose rise to eminence was engineered by United States and whose demise was concocted by his self-same creators.  I don’t know about you, folks, but, I think the fiction writers at Langley are working hard to make all this happen.

Like the Mummy played by Boris Karloff in the classic original or the Mummy produced by Hammer Films and played by Christopher Lee, this Caliph is about to undergo a rare treat:  Resurrection of the Body!  Hollywood can do anything, even at Shepperton Studios outside London.  Like Lazarus or a myriad movie psychopaths, he will undergo extinction and rebirth.  I just can’t wait until it comes to a theater near my home.

There is no question any longer about the Kurds going mad.  They are putting statehood to a referendum which the Iranians have called “ill-advised” and the Turks have called “casus belli”.  Needless to say, the United States, anxious to carve Syria up according to plans made for them by the European settlers of the Zionist Obscenity, is behind all this silliness.  And Kurds have, evidently, swallowed the narrative, hook, line and sinker.  Masoud Barazaani, the Iranian-born septuagenarian leader of the Iraqi Kurds, thinks he’s found that Irish pot at the end of the rainbow. He might be surprised to learn that the pot is one used in British bedrooms and dumped out regularly by Kurdish chamberlains.

It appears to many of us that the Kurds have been enlivened by the promises of Donald Trump.  Unaware that the Kurds have been snookered by the Treaty of Lausanne, (because Mr. Trump simply doesn’t read anything), and have been the victims of an entirely endless concatenation of promises, treaties and covenants, he actually thinks the Kurds are stupid enough to fall for his razz-ma-tazz NYC jive. Well,……….they are!  Jokes about Kurdish ignorance are as common as Polish jokes in the U.S.  And that’s because the Kurds keep doing silly things like believing American and British lies.  If the truth be told, the only man who ever kept his promise to the Kurds was Saddam Hussein who vowed, in private, to kill them all and unleashed his cousin, Chemical Ali, to make good on that vow.

Always stateless, they have pined for their own state since time immemorial.  But, the Good Lord works in strange ways.  You see, God in all his magnificence platzed these unfortunates in an area, not only devoid of any access to the sea, but, also, an area populated by everybody else, including Arabs, Iranians, Ayzidis, Chaldeans, Syriacs, Armenians, Assyrians, Azeris, Greeks and even, probably, Trobriand Warriors, Inuits and Amazons, to name but a few.

They have played important roles in Middle Eastern history by producing some of the greatest leaders in aggressive political Islam, not the least of whom is the legendary general and king, SALAAHUDEEN AL-AYYOOBI, who is actually more popular in Europe than he is in the Arab Fertile Crescent.  Saladin, as he is known in the West, was lionized in the movie “Kingdom of Heaven” directed by Ridley Scott.  The movie drew raves in Kobane, but irked all American Evangelists and Pentecostals who viewed the movie as propaganda for the Koran.  It shouldn’t be surprising to learn that the actor who played the role of Saladin was an Arab Syrian named Ghassaan Mas’ood.  Arabs still believe to this day that Saladin was an Arab although you would think that Saladin’s grandfather’s name, Shirkawaih, would be a dead give-away that the Ayyubid king was anything but Arab.

The plan is clear.  I have written about it before.  The army being trained by the Yanks at Al-Tanf on the Jordanteezian border will meet up with the Kurdish heroes after the latter gloriously liberate Al-Raqqa.  Together, these juggernauts will interdict the Baghdad to Damascus Highway and squelch Iranian hopes of reaching the Syrian littoral and/or the boundaries of historic Palestine.  Like the Iranians couldn’t figure that one out.

Well, folks, the big bad army at Al-Tanf is now wedged in between a rock and a hard place.  Iranian-trained Iraqi and Afghan fighters, Hizbollah officers, Syrian Army troops and Popular Defense Committee fighters, all bristling with arms, have now poisoned the well and appear to have junked the entire plan.  With Jaysh Al-Islam now falling apart thanks to Saudi Arabian connivance and unbridled stinginess, it appears that the dream of a Southern Front has given way to a much-needed truce back by the local populations,  It’s all going so dreadfully for the American, Zionist and British planners.  So dreadful that they are packing their bags loaded with Syrian-made rosaries and boxes of baqlaawa.

But, what about the Turks?  We are assuming that the clown in the White House has promised the Kurds the world.  What could those promises entail?  Will the U.S. challenge Turkish revanchism in northern Syria?  If the U.S. does that, the entire NATO alliance goes up in smoke.  It’s kind of like wishful thinking.  Trump paraded his anti-NATO message throughout his campaign and this might be his chance to really put the kibosh on the entire alliance.

Will the Turks balk if the U.S. keeps its word to the Kurds?  I don’t know.  Such a scenario seems to be the kind that would cause a fissure in the party ruled by Sultan Erdoghan or, at least, bring about huge demonstrations with Turks and Kurds all demanding the ouster of the Big Cheese in Ankara.  If the Kurds are allowed to announce the creation of their new state, what will Syria and Iran do?  Will they balk at confronting the U.S.?  Will we see the start of a new insurgency aimed at toppling the PKK or PYG or will we see Iraqi forces moving in on Barazaani?

To be brutally frank, I don’t think the U.S. has thought this one through.  It appears that the CIA is taking its cues from Tel Aviv while everybody else is using a Ouija Board.  Inasmuch as the Syrian-Iranian-Russian plans appear to be 10 removes ahead, the American one is best described as retrograde – every step forward characterized by 10 steps backward – and there is no end in sight for the anarchy in American foreign policy.  I only hope that the Kurds wake up before it’s just too late.


Ziad Fadel - SyrianPerspective
Attorney for 35 years and Supreme Court, 
Certified Interpreter for Arabic/English
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