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Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated Russian marine officers and sailors in St. Petersburg, Sunday, to mark the occasion of Russia’s Navy Day.

Russian President Vladimir Putin attends St. Petersburg’s maritime parade on Navy Day on Sunday, July 30. Around 50 ships of the Russian Navy and 70 aircraft of the naval aviation unit will take part in this year’s maritime parade.

Putin praised the troops, saying “Today, the Navy solves not only the traditional tasks, but also adequately meets new challenges, makes a significant contribution to the fight against terrorism, piracy.”

More than 50 ships and submarines took part in the parade, while more than 40 planes and helicopters flew above the city.

Navy Day is celebrated in Russia on July 30 with military parades taking place across the country. The celebration dates back to the Soviet era, having been established in 1939. It was stopped in 1980 then reinstated by Putin in 2003.