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“For the first time since the beginning of hostilities against the ISIS terrorist group in Syria, the government forces managed to organize and conduct a virtuosic operation to land a tactical landing in the rear of the militants, followed by the defeat and capture of the settlement. El-Qder (about 120 km west of the city of Deir ez-Zor).

The operation was conducted under the direction of one of the most famous Syrian commanders – General Suhel Hassan. The Russian military advisors directly participated in the preparation and management of the operation.

Departure of the landing group took place from the Jerah airfield, previously liberated from igilov in the eastern part of the province of Aleppo.

The beginning of the landing operation was preceded by an effective fire damage to the positions and techniques of the IGSIL ​​grouping in the area, carried out by the Syrian Army’s reactive artillery and Ka-52 helicopters from the Russian army aviation. With the help of night vision systems, the glorified “Alligators” not only effectively directed and corrected the MLRS fire, but also themselves destroyed armored vehicles and armed motor vehicles of terrorists.

The landing party landed near the settlements of Khirbet Mikman and El-Khad in the province of Rakka, located 20 km from the front line.

After powerful fire strikes, the paratroopers landed, passing along the dried bed of the river to the settlement El-Qder, captured the dominant height and began to storm the settlement.
In a brief battle, the Syrian paratroopers, under the personal leadership of General Suhel Hassan, destroyed the headquarters and warehouses of the militants, knocked down two tanks and three armored vehicles.

The landing party held the captured positions until the main forces arrived on the morning of August 12. The actions of the tactical landing force and the effectiveness of the fire damage inflicted on the IGIL fighters allowed the government troops to seize El-Keder without losses.

Demoralized and battle-worthy terrorists retreated from the area. Under the control of the Syrian army passed a total complexity of about 60 square kilometers, three settlements, as well as two oil fields.” – Defense Ministry of Russia