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Logo of the 'East Fags Army'

Logo of the “East Fags Army” (they comically call themselves the “Lions of the East Army” (جيش أسود الشرقية‎‎ ~Jaysh Usud al-Sharqiya~, while everyone knows that they are only trained monkeys dancing at command…

Terrorists from the FSA mercenary-gangs said that their U.S. pupetters are pushing for retreat from southeast Syria.

Mercenary-terrorists of the so called gangs “Usoud al-Sharqiya” and “Martyr Ahmad Abdo”, both part of the “Free Syrian Army” deserters, said they were told to end fighting in the area by their backers of the “U.S. Central Intelligence Agency”, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, some of the neighboring states that support them. The news was also spread by the Reuters agency.

The majority of these gang members merged into “Jaysh al-Islam” (also known as Liwa al-Islam, Brigade of Islam, a terroristic coalition of Islamist and Salafist units who work alongside al-Nusra Front, al-Qaeda in Syria).

So, their Western and Arab backers asked them to pull out of the area and retreat into Jordan.

“There is an official request for us to leave the area”, said Badr al Din al Salamah, an openly declared mercenary commander in the Usoud al Sharqiya terrorist gang, a recipient of the military aid from the U.S.-backed alliance.

The conclusion is that they have received the order (by CIA and allied agencies) to end fighting in the area and retreat into Jordan: so Jordan is becoming the receptacle and den of al-Qaeda and all the terrorist mercenaries cutthroat in the area.

The game will not be over until these criminal delinquents and their godfathers will become kneeling and harmless.

Resistance against ZOG and the pro-Zionist forces will continue…

(By SFP/WP SyrianPatriots)

Syrian Arab Army entering Deir Ezzour