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This week in Syria, the government army, with the support from Russian combat aviation, held the biggest victory in the history of the war on terrorism in the country. The “war minister” of the terrorist pseudo-Caliphate was killed, and the city of Deir ez-Zor, which was surrounded for more than three years, was unblocked. This is a huge strategic success. The rapid operation was developed with the help from Russian General Staff officers. The attack with our Kalibr rockets from the Mediterranean Sea was invaluable for the offensive. It’s important that when planning the whole operation, the task was to minimize casualties among civilians, as well as quickly provide humanitarian assistance to the people. Both were successfully accomplished. There are unintentional parallels with what is happening around Raqqa, where the Americans have been fighting long and ineffectively. The sloppy work of their aviation leads to numerous casualties among civilians, and in the city there’s a real humanitarian disaster. The locals haven’t yet received a single rice grain, a thread, or a pill from the Americans, although the acute shortage of food, clothing, and medicines is obvious in Raqqa. Our special war reporter, Evgeni Poddubny, reporting from freed Deir ez-Zor with the latest information.