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The Syrian Arab Army captured several sites along the Jordanian border following a large offensive launched by their 5th Assault Corps in the Southeast countryside of the Damascus Governorate. The 5th Corps managed to capture garrisons 173,174,175,and 176 leaving them in control of a large portion of the Damascus-Jordan border. At the end of the video,Syrian Arab Army’s soldiers captured a pick up truck full of weapons and ammo from the US-Backed Free Syrian Army mercenaries. Video footage of this advance was captured by the Syrian Ministry of Defence. (source

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The Syrian Arab Army together with the Palestine Liberation Army (PLA) this morning resumed its offensive in the east of the province of Essaouira, targeting the positions of the US-trained fighters of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) near the border with Jordan.

Trained by Russian soldiers, the 5th Army Corps, SAA and PLA, attacked the cities of Kaa Al-Masarah and Wadi Al-Sha’b, quickly moving through the line of defense of the US-funded SSA militants.

After a three-hour battle, the army and the soldiers of the PLA managed to take control of the above-mentioned cities and force the SSA fighters to retreat to the 133rd border garrison.

The 5th Army Corps of the SAA captured a strategic peak – the hill of Tal al-Reyahi near the Jordanian border.

The video recording of the operation was unveiled by the official media wing of Hezbollah on Sunday. It shows the vital moments of the SAA offensive.

The FSA suffered a major defeat, and the militant forces retreated from areas along the Jordanian border.

The army and militia took control of a total of 57 kilometers in length along the Syrian-Jordanian border and 23 kilometers wide, forcing pro-American Ahmad Al-Abdo fighters to begin a mass escape to Jordan.

The Syrian military now joins the 134th, 139th and 151st border garrisons.

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