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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) liberated al-Jafra, south of Deir ez-Zor, on Sunday, amidst an ongoing battle to remove ISIS from its last major foothold in Syria.

Footage shows engineering divisions employing a pontoon to enable passage for troops and equipment over to the eastern banks, consolidating their position and allowing for access to the northern sector of Deir-ez-Zor, where the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS; formerly ISIS/ISIL) recently lost their three-year hold. Soldiers were able to remove IS militants and free several villages within a few hours.

Isis-Hunters Cross the Euphrates River
and Capture Daesh Fighters Alive

Footage has been released on pro-government social media showing the very first unit of the Syrian Arab Army troops that crossed the Euphrates River in action as they carried out the historic operation… In the video can be seen that the soldiers belong to the Syrian Arab Army elite Isis-Hunters, a vanguard unit within the 5th Assault Corps… Immediately apparent is that pre-operation arrangements were made during the night hours of yesterday morning whilst the actual assault reportedly took place at 9:18 A.M… The assault involved very small independent river crossing teams of no more than seven troops, each loaded into motorized dinghies… By the time the elite Syrian troops made their landing on the Eastern bank of the Euphrates the sun has already risen over Deir ezzor… The push inland begun almost immediately after making landfall with the Isis-Hunters troops negating their way through the dense water-bogged cropland that straggles the Euphrates… Within hours the settlements of Marrat, Sbahah and Mozlum were liberated… The elite Syrian Arab Army unit killed at least 40 Isis militants during the initial phase of their assault, and not a single Syrian Arab Army’s soldier died despite heavy clashes… At the end of the video it appears that at least two prisoners of the war, likely local spies for Isis from the liberated villages, have been captured and are now in Syrian Arab Army’s custody…