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EXCLUSIVE: How Did Outnumbered Russian Military Police Unit Repel Al-Nusra Ambush in Idlib, Syria

Syria’s most powerful Islamic extremist force, Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham (Al-Qaeda Syria-HTS), Turkistan Islamic Party forces of Uighur East Indies gunmen, “moderate terrorists”, under the command of a number of US military intelligence agents, sought to change the battlefield morphology with a large-scale attack.

General plan of the terrorist force is: destroying the ceasefire agreement, conducting a major offensive, maneuvering dozens of tanks, armor, caliber artillery, hundreds of pickup trucks Syria’s northern Syrian army front line in the safe area under the Astana-Kazakhstan deal.

The main purpose was to prevent the Syrian army’s attack on the battlefield of Deir Ezzor. But a key part of the plan is to take prisoners of 29 Russian military soldiers, who are tasked with overseeing the security of Idlib.

Due to the unlawful nature of a terrorist organization, the capture of Russian soldiers would be a real shock to the Syrian battlefield. In some cases, Russian troops captured, executed or exchanged with unpredictable conditions will change the situation in Syria, while Iran, Syria and Russia will be forced. must accept. Moreover, the jihadist movement will rise to new heights. This is the point where the story becomes appealing.

In the first attack in the garrison area, the 29th platoon of Russian soldiers belonging to the battalion of militia, mainly soldiers from Chechnya. They were attacked by a large force of fanatical jihadist militants, including tanks, armor, artillery and ZA 23 x 2 anti-aircraft fire. The fierce fighting lasted for several hours.

In this “hair-hanging” situation, with an important request not to let the Russian military personnel casualties, the commander of the Russian military forces in Syria, General Surovkin commanded the rescue team.

The relief forces are quite special, including the Russian Ministry of Defense Special Forces, the Russian military battalion with the majority of the North Caucasus troops (Chechen) and the Syrian Special Forces practice. Direct command of the battle was Major General Victor Shuliak, deputy commander of Russian military forces in Syria.

Remember: the North Caucasus soldiers are not only very good at fighting, speak good Arabic, but they are also assigned by the president of the Republic of Chesnya Ramzan Kadyrov. They are Sunni and Shia Muslim militants absolutely loyal to Russia.

Support for this scary force is the Sukhoi Su-25 “ground attack aircraft”, the ground attack aircraft. The attack began with an unprecedented air raid by the Russian Air Force, bombing all of Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS) targets in Idlib province, two Su-25s.

Being full, flying at extremely low altitudes performed the task of opening the fire fronts for the rescue team of the Russian military platoon. After the Su-25 bases cleaned up all the firepower, Syrian artillery firepower, including Grad firecrackers flaring along the attack corridors, shielded the breakthrough forces around the siege.

The intense task force of the task force successfully rescued them quickly, with fierce fire crushed all resistance on the way, Russian-Syrian special forces swept all over the rescue corridor.

In this fierce firefight, three special Russian soldiers were wounded. September 19, 2017 becomes a very dark day for Syrian al-Qaeda and US military intelligence. But Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS) is the organization that suffers. About 850 attackers were killed, as well as 11 tanks, 4 armored vehicles, 46 automatic picket trucks, 5 mortars heavy, 20 trucks and 38 ammunition arsenal also destroyed within 24 hours. At the end of the press conference, Gen. Rudskoi still uses a rather classic phrase, but is really scary: “The activities to destroy terrorists continue”.


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Souriya Wabas
Russia Insider
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