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Over the past two days, Russia has taken out some 304 Daesh mercenary-terrorists (the so called ‘Islamic State’, ISIS, ISIL) on the eastern bank of the Euphrates, in Syria. More than 170 terrorists were injured, Russian Ministry of Defense spokesman Major-General Igor Konashenkov said. 

“Three command posts, nine footholds, eight tanks, three artillery pieces, 17 SUVs with installed large-caliber weapons, and four ammunition depots have been destroyed”, the Defense Ministry said in a statement.

At least 7 field commanders of various levels have been killed, including Abu Islam Al-Kazaki, a native of Kazakhstan who coordinated the actions of IS assault units in the Euphrates valley. An air strike by Russian forces destroyed the center for assembly and training of foreign mercenaries from Islamic State, including about 40 militants from the North Caucasus, as well as a terrorist mobile sniper group. 

“Thanks to the effective actions of the Russian Air Force, Syrian troops continue to liberate the territory along the Euphrates River from IS militants”, Major-General Konashenkov concluded.

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