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As ISIS’ self-proclaimed Caliphate collapsed in Syria, the Israeli military intensified their strikes on forces and facilities belonging to the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies. The goal of the effort is to weaken pro-government forces ahead of a possible new round of escalation in the region.

On December 4, warplanes allegedly from Israel conducted airstrikes on the Dumair Airbase. According to reports, the airstrikes hit the radar installation and destroyed it.

On December 5, Israeli warplanes launched missiles on the scientific research center in the area of Jumraya in northern Damascus. According to the Syrian state-run media, Syrian air defense systems intercepted three of the missiles. The rest of the missiles – 3 or 4 – hit the target.

The Tiger Forces and their allies have liberated 5 villages and 3 hills from ISIS in the province of Deir Ezzor.

Government troops have captured the villages of Khutaytah, Abbas, Mazra’at Shamr, Qit’ah, Mujawwadah, the Nusuriyah Mountain and the hills of Bani and Khinzir. The Tiger Forces also outflanked and stormed the ISIS-held village of Jalaa – one of the last ISIS strong points in the area.

The SAA and the Tiger Forces are now in only about 12km from reaching their counterparts in the area of al-Bukamal. The rapid advance of pro-government forces show that the ISIS defenses have de-facto collapsed in the Euphrates Valley.

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