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Guy Mettan, a writer,  publicist and  head of the Swiss Press Club, informed that the international organization Reporters Without Borders attempted to stop the panel discussion  and the presentation of the film “They Do not Care About Us” , which criticizes the White Helmets.

“The request to cancel the press conference on the White Helmets’ activities contradicts completely the organization’s goals. It is very unexpected and sad to see how the Organization of Journalists, in fact, requires censorship. This was my first reaction,” said Mettan.

It is worth noting that this is the first time in a 20-year history when the Swiss Press Club has received similar demands from the Organization of Journalists created to protect freedom of speech and freedom.

It is necessary to remind the fact that the members of the organization “Swedish doctors for human rights” recently conducted an independent investigation   and found out that representatives of the White Helmets could imitate the rescue of wounded children in Syria. The organization reached  similar conclusions after analyzing  video recordings published by the White Helmets, including videos shot during the chemical attack in Sarmin in March 2015.

For instance, the experts say that one of the videos shows how a so-called “rescuer” introduces a syringe needle into the heart of the child, but does not press the piston, which means that nothing was injected in the victim. Experts are sure that if the patient was not already dead at the time of filming, he “could die because of the injection procedure”.

Another video shows how the  members of the organization drew attention to the fact that three children, who were subjected to “rescue procedures”, died eventually, but the White Helmets’ conclusions – they died because of  gaseous chlorine poisoning –  were challenged by medical reports of independent doctors.

As independent British experts say,  “Victims of Chemical attacks” could be under the influence of opiates and, apparently, slowly died from an overdose of narcotic substances.

It is worth noting that it is not first time for the so-called “rescuers” to set up  performances and work on the camera: the film “White Helmets” won an Oscar in the nomination “Best documentary short film”.

The film praises a lot what the activists of the organization do.

But it is very clear how the White Helmets works.

Usually, when it was necessary to blame Russia, Syria or Iran for bombing peaceful Syrian terrorists, and  destroying hospitals and schools, they appeared “accidentally” with wounded children in their hands and professional cameras on their shoulders in the center of events .

The founder of the “Helmets” is James Le Mesurie, a former officer of the British army and ex- mercenary of the “Oliva” group. It is a private military firm closely associated with the notorious Blackwater Academy. This Academy fulfills orders from the Pentagon and the US government.

Le Mesurie is, in fact, a British military intelligence officer with an impressive track record, a graduate of the Royal Military Academy in Sandhurst, who “took part” in some well-known theaters of military operations, including in Bosnia and Kosovo, as well as in Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine. In general, he worked everywhere, where it was necessary to arrange a humanitarian catastrophe, and then humanitarian intervention.

In the west, the White Helmets are extolled as the only organization that saves  Syrians from the humanitarian crisis. This sounds very ironic, because, as you know, since 2013, Syria has been under the most severe sanctions from the United States and the European Union. The import of products, medicines is prohibited in the country, all foreign assets are frozen.

It is extremely important to analyze money flows that finance the White Helmets. Officially, these are donations and international grants. The main sponsor is the well-known George Soros Foundation. The first installment was made in 2013, when the organization only appeared. The helmets received an office in Istanbul, the equipment of Turkish rescuers and 300 thousand dollars. Then another 13 million dollars. Now, according to official sources,  their treasury gets $ 30 million annually from the US, Britain and the Netherlands. There are other sponsors, according to Syrian sources, the organization’s budget is about 50 million dollars. It is not hard to guess that  such money is not given to anyone in the West.

At a certain level, the White Helmets played an important role in the information war. Western media have not been able to find a moderate opposition in Syria. The Syrian revolutionary democrats turned out to be bearded Wahhabis who cut their heads, blew up cultural monuments and caused terroristic attacks not only in Syria, but also in Europe. The White Helmets became the media source that covered the atrocities of the Syrian opposition insurgents.

The organization operates only in the territories controlled by the insurgents. They can often be seen on the videos of the terrorist organization, Jebhat An-Nusra, which is banned in Russia. In fact,  these are the same insurgents who sometimes wear white shirts and helmets to portray themselves as civilians.

The Russian media  covers The White Helmets acting, but, in the West, Oscar-winning rescuers are either praised or ignored. The main question is: why did Reporters Without Borders suddenly sabotage the film that disclosures George Soros’ henchmen? Maybe, they are not the ones who are real “reporters” and they have enough “borders”?

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