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by Ziad Fadel, Syrianperspective

Wilder and woolier indeed. We have already discussed, in a separate piece,  the rampant dysfunctionalism infecting so many governments today. The U.S., arguably the world’s greatest power, is led by a functioning maniac who lives in a cocoon of self-deceit and delusion.  Prideful and addicted to braggadocio, he is hell-bent on proving that he differs from other leaders whom he calls “politicians” in that he “does what he says he is going to do’.  Today’s scandal du jour is his threat to move the U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

World leaders normally take these kinds of American threats as a form of posturing, but, with Trump, who is universally viewed as a loose cannon, the threat has a certain resonance. Trump’s administration is geared to serve up Rabelaisian abominations.  The American ambassador to the Zionist Entity is a dyed-in-the-wool Zionist.  The president’s own son-in-law, Jared Kushner, has been revealed to be a founder of an organization supporting illegal settlements on the West Bank, and is, by all accounts, a raving Zionist psycho with Russian DNA.

Now that the U.S. is out of the peace-making business, thanks to Mr. Trump’s gesture to the Zionist settlers, he can begin preparing for a new kind of Middle East where he doesn’t have to worry about humanitarian issues or matters of conscience.  No, he’s just going to do what is in the best interests of America, to wit: occupy lands belonging to other countries with or without their governments’ consent; sell vast amounts of weapons to his tyrannical allies; muscle in on anything that smacks of natural assets needed by the U.S.; kill any self-respect the Arabs still have; and, to his surprise, watch his plans for domination sink in the historic swamp of misdeeds along with the Zionist Abomination which controls his regime and his nation.

Besides selling billions of dollars of missiles and ordnance to the crackpot Saudi Arabian pedophiles so they can continue their illegal and genocidal war against the Yemenis, Trump is hankering for new wars against North Korea and Iran, both powerful nations with the ability to sink American ships, not to mention defend their own lands with fanatical tenacity.  Trump is trying to deflect attention from the probe conducted by Robert Mueller and he might actually open up new wars to accomplish exactly that end.  He promised no new foreign wars as he was campaigning for the White House.  That campaign promise has turned out to be a flagrant lie.

My new source, Chris, now tells me that the U.S. has been building a massive underground military complex just north of the Jordanian capital of Amman.  Chris has tied this monstrous base to the Halliburton company which used to be run by historical coward, draft dodger and war-monger, Dick Cheney.  When the people of Jordan find out about this base whose purpose is to enshrine American occupation of the Arab World, they might finally go berserk and depose the Tom Thumb tyrant who is calmly frittering away what dignity they might still have.

The base just north of the Jordanian capital is an attestation to the unwillingness of the CIA, the Mossad and the Saudi “Intelligence” service to accept defeat in Syria. It’s that pesky Iranian plan to extend a gas pipeline across Iraq to the Syrian littoral that is fueling this rampant obstinacy.  But, there’s more to it than that, Chris says.

Chris insists that much of the planning aimed at deposing Dr. Assad was related to the vast oil reserves discovered below the ground of the Golan Heights which the Zionists are keen on exploiting in their own cupiditous and malicious way.  They have granted an American company, Genie Energy (based in New Jersey), the rights to extract the oil.  Genie Energy is owned by Dick Cheney, Jacob Rothschild and Rupert Murdoch, all major shareholders.  According to an article, written by Michael B. Kelley for the Business Insider periodical, they were granted a 153 square mile area in the southern part of the Heights.  The transfer of the oil, via pipeline, will inevitably involve Halliburton, the company once headed by Dick Cheney.

So, what will Jordanians do when Trump announces today, Wednesday, December 6, that he intends to recognize Zionism’s claim to Jerusalem and move the U.S. embassy there?  What will they do knowing that their own miserable king has tried to dissuade the indissuadable Trump from this incredible mockery of international law and U.N. agreements?  Gee, I don’t know.  But, what I do know is that this so-called king, his father before him and his grandfather were all traitors to the Arab people.  And a leopard cannot change his spots.

The decision has been made to forcibly oust Dr. Assad using non-proxy forces.  The past reliance on proxies has resulted in abject failure. In order for the ouster to happen, several ducks have to be placed in a row.

The first segment of this plan is to keep American forces, at all costs, on the ground in Iraq and Syria.  As many of you have heard, the Pentagon has recklessly averred that it intends to keep American troops in Syria for as long as it takes to support American interests, whatever that means.  It is our belief that the U.S. is building up its forces in Syria to offset the expected loss of the Turkish base at Incirlik where the Americans, British and French hatched their plans to enslave the Arab people.  Not only that, the new underground base Chris pointed to in Jordan is, evidently,  being developed to offset the expected loss of the American base at ‘Udeid in Qatar as Doha continues to expand its ties to Iran while downsizing its interest in its Persian Gulf alliances.  King Abdullah II of Jordan is privy to all this treachery.  But, he is a good actor, like his father.

The U.S. has to stay in Syria too because the Kurds are vulnerable to the Syrian, Iraqi and Turkish armies.  The Americans think that by merely being there, no combination of forces would dare to challenge the ostentatious pretensions of the American military.  Oh, yeah?  The Taliban have been fighting the U.S. for going on 16 years with no end in sight.  Just wait until Afghan and Iraqi militias start an insurgency against the U.S. in Syria with attendant body bags piling up on the tarmacs of runways.  So much for Trump’s promises of no more foreign entanglements.

The Kurds have a deeper and more significant role to play in Syria than what meets the eye.  You see, the Kurds who are mostly Syrian, can give the U.S. the fig leaf of legitimacy it needs to justify its presence in Syria.  The Kurds, for their part can be employed to claw away at Iranian power at the corridor Tehran plans to use for both the pipeline and the avenue to arm HZB.  With the U.S. enmeshed and embedded with the Kurds, it is believed at the Pentagon that no effort will be made to destabilize this preposterous plan without triggering an American military response.  This is how foreign wars get started and Trump doesn’t have a clue.

According to Chris, the Deep State involves many actors, all of whom have an interest in the ouster of Dr. Assad and the Ba’ath Party.  Companies like Halliburton, Monsanto, Blackwater (Academi), Lockheed-Martin, Wackenhut and DynCorp are all part of the same vast interlocking network of Cabalists determined to greedily secure all the wealth of the Middle East for the sake of the Zionist Entity.  They don’t care about ISIS or Al-Qaeda.  Those are merely the pawns they employ to encircle their prey before devouring it. The leader of ISIS for that matter, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdaadi, was programmed in Tel Aviv by Mossad and CIA psycho-neurologists after he was released from prison in Iraq.  I wrote extensively about this matter in a previous post but few picked up on it even though I was the writer who disclosed to the world that the leadership of ISIS was top heavy with former Sunni officers in Saddam’s army before they were cashiered by L. Paul Bremer.

For the ducks to be in row, the Saudi operations HQ has to be in sync with both the Jordanian and Zionists ones.  While Jordan has had much experience coordinating with the Mossad, the Saudis are still relative neophytes in this kind of world.  For the Saudis to be able to play their part effectively, Mossad agents, now reportedly in Amman, have started a virtual university course for spooks aimed at the Saudi traitors.  They are being taught communications and spotting, handling agents and assassination techniques.  I have received some reports that the coursework is not going well due to the utter emptiness of the Wahhabist mind.  Yet, down the road, a decision will be made to pursue the goals of the American Deep State with or without KSA.

The Yemen crisis has to be resolved.  It is eating up too much of KSA’s time and assets.  This is why the Saudi government has decided to participate in what is essentially a war of extermination to bring the Zaydi’s to their knees.  However, if history teaches anything about Arabia Felix, it’s that the people there in Yemen are as obstinate as their rocks.  The Saudis will kill many children, but, they will eventually have to concede defeat, a concession that will not augur well for the Saudi-Jordanian-Zionist alliance.

The Saudis have to resolve their differences with Qatar.  To be candid, I have wondered aloud about why this conflict even exists.  If the entire matter has something to do with financing and organizing terrorism in Syria, the record is replete with Saudi complicity in precisely that king of activity.  Why would KSA, now under the heel of MBS, create a new crisis based on a falsehood?  It might be that the Saudis were concerned about a war crimes charge or were fearful that the Syrians would take the effort to unseat Dr. Assad very hard.  These are mere possibilities to explain the aberrant political behavior of the Saudis. But, if they fail to end this conflict with Qatar, the shadow of Iran will once again fall on the gulf with one key member firmly in the Iranian camp.

As I have written before, Qatar has, evidently,mended relations with Tehran by securing access to that infamous pipeline.  If that is so, it may be that such collusion with a sworn enemy is driving the Saudis to point an accusatory finger at Doha when that finger may just as well be pointed back at them.  Ironic, isn’t it?

The plan also calls for a Zionist army at the very top of its game.  Recent maneuvers in the Golan and the Galilee are demonstrating that the enemy is planning an multi-pronged attack on Hizbollah and the Syrian army.  If that is so, the Zionist high command has to take into consideration the probability that both HZB and the SAA are going to fire a vast arsenal of missiles at the cities of Occupied Palestine.  The Iron Dome is simply not geared to intercept 100 missiles every minute which is exactly what both HZB and the SAA are going to do.  The Iron Dome will be overwhelmed. And if Iran begins to fire missiles at the Zionist Apartheid State, that’s all the merrier.  And, yet, that is precisely what the Saudis are hoping for: a massive, possibly nuclear, reaction from Mileikowski’s military.  That may be the only scenario which would give KSA and its fledgling nincompoop, MBS, a victory over Iran.

That the Zionist Settler State would involve itself in an apocalyptic scenario like the one described is difficult to believe.  However, unless the Zionists can find a better methodology to rid the Fertile Crescent of Iranian ambitions, this is all they have.  To be sure, they might try an attack focused on HZB only as a way to avoid creating an inferno which would engulf them also and lead to the destruction of their state.  But, it is hard to see how an attack on HZB would not spiral out of control and bring in actors like the Syrian Army, Iran’s IRGC or, even, Russia.

With Americans, Saudis and Zionists working together with the hapless Jordanians, one can see where this is all going to lead.

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by Ziad Fadel, Syrianperspective
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