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The actual number of fighters killed in the convoy heading north is around 22, with civilians being the largest casualty. 

The civilians were accompanying the PDC, for safety’s sake, as they were heading back to their homes. 

The U.S. bombed civilians, murdering over 100 men, women and children. 

Good show, Uncle Sam.  This is the greatest military in the world – a military that has killed more Afghan civilians than any conqueror in history; a military that bombed to death over one million Vietnamese civilians; a military which provides the Saudi chimps with all the ordnance they need to exterminate the poorest nation in the Arab World.

The Zionists are back at it again.  Flying over Lebanon, they unleashed a volley of rockets at the town of Jamraayaa where the Syrian military maintains a military research and development facility.  This time, most of the missiles were intercepted and destroyed by the Pantsir Air Defense System defending the Damascus area.  We can also confirm that a two-seater F-16 fighter jet was destroyed and crashed in the northern Galilee. 

A picture shows the remains of an Israel F-16 that crashed after coming under fire by Syrian air defences during attacks against “Iranian targets” in the war-torn country, February 10, 2018 © Jack Guez / AFP

The pilots are believed to have ejected successfully seconds before the S-300 missile exploded their aircraft. In truth, the pilots had only seconds to live and made the right decision to abandon the aircraft.  One of the pilots is in serious critical condition.

There are some questions about why the attack on Jamraayaa took place.  It is not the first.  No evidence of any military deliveries from Iran to HZB.  And there was little or nothing going on with the SAA that would provoke such an attack.  The Syrian MoD claims that the attack was contrived to give the terrorists a sense of support.

But, here is what my sources are telling me:

Over the last 5 days, the Syrian Army under command of Maj. General Suhayl “Tiger” Al-Hassan, was able to liberate 1,500 square kms of territory in the formerly besieged pocket extending from southeast Khanaassir in Aleppo Prov. to West Sinjaar in Idlib down to Al-Sa’an in Hama. This used to be Nusra territory.  Much of the weaponry used by the SAA at these battles were weaponized drones flying out of central airbases like the one at Shu’ayraat.  In addition to this, the SAA also liberated Qasr bin Wardaan and Al-Musaytiba on February 8, 2018 from ISIS.  Yesterday, the SAA swept over both Nusra and ISIS liberating 30 villages and towns in Hama.  This kind of momentum caught the Zionist terrorist planners unawares with radio traffic screaming out bloody murder from the terrorist rodents in the northwest of Syria.

The Zionists had to do something.  They concocted a patently false tale of an “Iranian” drone which violated Zionist airspace and declared it an “abnormal kind of aggression”.  In order to blunt the effectiveness of the weaponized drones, the Zionist Air Force flew several missions designed to destroy areas where the drones were stored, manufactured and positioned.  According to my sources, the Zionists thought they had a free corridor in Lebanon and could fire their missiles at airbases in Syria with impunity.  Some Zionist bombers even flew over Southern Syria where their pilots, if need be, could eject into friendly terrorist territory.

The Syrian High Command had already been given the okay by President Michel Aoun of Lebanon to fire at Zionist aircraft flying in Lebanese airspace.  When one F-16-S flew over South Lebanon and was detected by SAA radar, an S-300 was fired right at it and struck the jet dead on almost killing the two-rodent crew.  The aircraft, due to its attitude and altitude, crashed into Occupied Palestine in the Galilee near the Arab town of Umm Al-Fahm.  In addition to this,  Zionist aircraft flying over the Hawraan in Syria, fired missiles at SAA bases but almost all the projectiles were intercepted and destroyed before they could reach their intended targets.  Another bomber flew over Lebanon in an attack on Jamraayaa northwest of Damascus, but, the aircraft were only successful in delivering their bombs to areas surrounding the town.  My source, Monzer, writes that another Zionist jet was struck by air defense missiles fired from Brigade 22 which is 3 kms north of Lake ‘Utayba.  The news of that strike is still being investigated.

It should be obvious that the game has changed.  Tony Gratrex has sent me several articles about how the Zionist Apartheid State and the U.S. are now embarking on a new strategy with the same outworn end-logic.  The plan now, according to one article from Tony, is to prevent Syria from being able to rebuild itself by denying it access to oil and gas facilities.  This is one reason why the U.S. struck the PDC units at Dayr El-Zor on February 8, 2018 after midnight killing all those civilians.  Evidently, the American allies in the SDF agreed to permit the Syrian government to take over oil fields in Dayr El-Zor.  The U.S. would have none of it.  This is where the United States now finds itself:  tilting at windmills.







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