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(RT 1 March 2018) ~ Russia’s President Vladimir Putin is delivering a regular address to the Federal Assembly – a joint session of the two chambers of the Russian Parliament.

The US arrogance stemmed from the losses this country suffered with the break-up of the Soviet Union, Putin said. Russia’s position in the 1990s was so weak that the Americans didn’t believe it could recover anytime soon, so Washington decided to achieve total military superiority, which would allow it to dictate terms in other areas.

The US continues to develop its antiballistic missile capabilities, and this undermines the value of the nuclear reduction agreements, like the New START treaty. The US is working hard on its ability to intercept missiles.

Russia’s response to this threat was to develop new and better strategic weapons, with improved counter-measures that make them harder to intercept. Russia has also developed the new heavy ICBM known as Sarmat, which is to replace the ageing missiles Russia currently has.

The capability of Sarmat was showcased in a video shown to the audience. The video showed that the missile can attack American territory not only from the north but also from the south, making it a better deterrent to American ambitions.

The address moved to security issues. Putin outlined the massive upgrade of the Russian military and the successes Russian forces achieved in Syria.

Russia also has working laser weapon systems, Putin said, adding that it is too early to go into details on this particular issue. The weapon is yet to be named, he said.

The glider warhead can reach the speed of Mach-20 and has high maneuvering capabilities that make it immune to all anti-missile weapons existing today, Putin added. “It’s like a fireball guided to its target,” he explained. He said the video showing the new weapon was computer-generated to keep its actual appearance secret, but assured this weapon is working and is being serially produced. The glider is called Avangard (vanguard).

Russia has developed a hypersonic gliding warhead

Even that is not all: Still another new weapon that Russia has developed is a hypersonic gliding warhead, Putin said. He added he had personally and openly warned that Russia was working on ways to counter American anti-missile capabilities as early as 2004. But the US chose to ignore this warning and didn’t want to listen to those words. “You will listen to us now,” he said.

Another advanced weapon system Russia now has is a hypersonic missile, Putin said. The system has finished its trials and is currently deployed in pilot mode in southern Russia. The missile is launched from an aircraft and reaches a speed of Mach-10 while maneuvering to pierce through anti-aircraft systems. The weapon is called Kinzhal (=’dagger’) and can be fitted with a nuclear warhead.  A video demonstrated the weapon’s capabilities.

Russia is yet to choose names for these two weapon systems; the global cruise missile and the underwater drone. The defense ministry encourages people to volunteer their suggestions, Putin said.

Yet another weapon is an underwater drone with great endurance and stealth capabilities, with a nuclear reactor smaller and more powerful than earlier models, Putin said. The drone can counter enemy aircraft carrier groups and attack shoreline defenses.

Another response is a new, powerful nuclear reactor which can be mounted on a sea-launched or air-launched cruise missile and greatly boost its range. The range is basically limitless, Putin said as a video was shown illustrating his words.

Russia is developing strategic missiles in response to the US withdrawal from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, Putin said. Moscow objected to the US move, but Washington nevertheless went ahead. The ABM Treaty was insurance against a pre-emptive nuclear strike by either side. The US withdrawal in 2002 was a bad move, Putin said, but Russia sought ways to control the damage done by it. The US was unresponsive and all those attempts failed, Putin said.

President Vladimir Putin:
“U.S. plans to deploy 5 cruisers,
30 destroyers near Russian borders”