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(Ruptly, 1 March 2018) ~ Russian President Vladimir Putin (Russian):
“Currently the Ministry of Defence and the enterprises of the rocket and space industry began the active phase of the tests of the new missile complex carrying heavy ICBM. We named it Sarmat. This complex will replace the Voevoda complex which was created in Soviet Union. Everyone always acknowledged his high combat power. As you know our foreign colleagues even gave it a rather threatening name. But the capabilities of the Sarmat missile is far higher. At a weight of over 200 tones it has a short active part of the flight which makes it’s interception with missile defence systems difficult. The range of the missile, the quantity and the power of the combat parts is higher than Voevoda has. Sarmat will be equipped with a wide range of nuclear munition of high power, including hypersonic munition and the most modern systems of missile defence overcoming. High characteristics of the launching pads security and high energy capabilities will make the use of this complex in any conditions. Video please”.

Russian President Vladimir Putin (Russian):
“Voevoda has the range limit of 11,000 kilometres, and the new system practically has no range limits. As you can see in the video it is capable of attacking the targets both through the North and through the South poles. Sarmat is very formidable weapon. According to its characteristics there are no such missile defence, even a perspective one, that can be an obstacle to it”.